Doof Quote of the Day

This really happened.

The president was elected on the basis that he was not Romney and that Romney was a poopy-head and you should vote against Romney. And he won by two points, but he didn’t make the case for higher taxes and higher spending. He kind of sounded like the opposite. -Grover Norquist

At 1:45

That's right. Roughly half of congress has pledged allegiance to a man who still uses the term "poopy-head" in a serious manner and who clearly has no grasp of empirical reality.

And if you ask me, this sounds like a case of good old projection. Clearly President Obama is the poopy-head for having the audacity to make a winning argument.

Grover Norquist is not a serious person.

  • bphoon

    I’ve gotta wonder how elected officials can justify putting themselves in the position of being more accountable to this windbag than they are to their constituents. Incredible that they give this one guy such power.

    The news came down today that Obama got more votes than GWB did in ’04, so that sets a new record. To Grover’s “he only won by two points”, I say, “more Americans voted for him than any other President in American history.”

    If Republicans are going to continue to allow themselves to be cowed by this prick I guess I’ll let ’em. Seems to be working out pretty well for Democrats overall…

  • D_C_Wilson

    Norquist is running a protection racket. He’s aim to blackmail members of Congress into being his puppets or he’ll bankroll a primary challenger against them. He did that against Luger in Indiana and that ended with a democrat winning the seat in a state Obama lost.

    If there was a case made, it was the Super Grover is doing more to help democrats than nearly anyone else.

  • excitablerooster

    This wad gets more loathsome by the minute.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    How’d things go for you in Indiana, Grov? You got longtime Republican Senator Richard Luger kicked out because he wouldn’t sign your childish pledge. And instead, Richard Mourdock was running for the GOP for Luger’s seat. And we all know how well that turned out, don’t we?

    Keep it up, Grover old boy. You’re doing swell.

    • rob black

      Yep. Next to Karl Rove, Grover is the best Republican strategist the democrats ever had….

  • Every time I look at Grover Norquist I think, “Dude, that face is totally a fist magnet.”

    • Victor_the_Crab

      And a steel toe boot magnet, don’t forget.

  • 1933john

    Grover is the bagman between Big Money and the Grifters in Congress.
    No sign pledge, no bucks.

  • Romney IS a poopy head. And Grover Norquist is a psychopathic piece of shit. So there…

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Seriously; Grover contends that he came up with his no-tax idea when he was twelve years old. And it has been proven time and time again that tax cuts for the wealthy do nothing, nada, nix, ziltch, zero for economic growth.
    So I guess this means I can call Grover Norquist a shithead?
    I’m still working on what to call the idiots who signed his pledge.

  • Who the hell is he anyway? He’s a friggin lobbyist! So the entire Republican party bows down to a lobbyist. The entire U.S. economy is held hostage by a lobbyist. This needs to be said very, very loudly and repeatedly. Who does he think he is? I think I’d rather listen to the American people, quite frankly.

  • Grover Norquist is a psychopath.

  • jimtowndem

    and now he has said that the peasants are not paying enough taxes. so we know where he is coming from.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Pretty sure it was an appearance on Colbert where grover said he came up with the no-tax pledge at 12 and Steven said it sounded like something a 12yo would come up with.

    • And Grover probably missed the insult….Colbert is an absolute master.

      • Brutlyhonest

        Indeed he is.

  • gescove

    I was in danger of believing my own lying eyes and concluding that Democrats won the election on a promise of raising taxes on incomes above $250K and that lower tax rates do not create economic growth. Thanks, Grover, for sparing me from my fact-based delusions! It’s gonna be so much easier just to make stuff up from now on.

  • zirgar

    All of Norquist’s sanctimonious self-importance is just his attempt to overcompensate for the fact that he’s named Grover.

    • bphoon

      That and his voice.