Drudge, Savage, Jones Pushing Conspiracies

It always bears repeating: MSNBC pundit and author Mark Halperin once wrote that Drudge rules the traditional media's world. So when Drudge starts pushing a conspiracy theory involving the president ordering the assassination of Andrew Breitbart, it's more than a little alarming.

The links point to conspiracy mental patient Alex Jones and World Net Daily, and the links cover Michael Savage and others suggesting that Breitbart was preparing to release a video of the president from his college years -- on March 1. So, well, you know.

I have a pretty good idea of what killed Breitbart and it wasn't any conspiracy.

  • Lexamich

    Maggots feasting on the carcass of a rodent, nothing more.

  • mrbrink

    Call me crazy if you want, but I think all this is hilarious. The outpouring of shallow condolences, overcompensating respects and near-tear recollections of a guy who made his bones smearing the weak and the powerless. Shame on those cocktail party Playboys of our culture and politics who kept such surprisingly fond company. I pictured Breitbart like Leslie Nielsen’s character in Creepshow trying to hold his breath. “Wha wha.”

    I appreciate that I’m still alive.

    But it’s easy to gloss over his PR smear job on ACORN as just a colorful resume power-point, not fully appreciating the ramifications and the precedent of how the U.S. Congress actually went along with the “Defund ACORN ACT” bending the U.S. Constitution to the right’s reactionary will and warping the historical spirit of the law to single out and punish a grassroots champion which was doing real community work making an impact helping real people find a voice and some justice long before Occupy Anything was born– quietly fighting the good fight in the democratic trenches where it counts for things like:

    better housing and wages for the poor, more community development investment from banks and governments, better public schools, labor-oriented causes and social justice issues– ACORN pursued these goals through demonstration, negotiation, lobbying for legislation, and voter participation.

    Just try to pull that defund-shit on oil corporations, or the Koch brothers, who already complain that their tamper-resistant power and electoral influence is being unfairly threatened anytime Think Progress, Media Matters, or the Obama administration utters more than a peep in rebuke. Disassembling ACORN is a giant step toward sending us back to the Occupy nursery. The bullies just trample all over our sand castles and piss in our lakes all over again and call it “Liberty.” Andrew Breitbart being hailed as a “first amendment hero” is a funny way to describe drunk-courage, too. “Courage” that was provided by those who benefited and continue to reap the rewards of that particular hostile redistribution of Democracy.

    Andrew Breitbart should die everyday, if for no other reason than to provide the discourse with some of the best blogger commentary to date(Rude Pundit’s summation is king of the mountain)from the vast, interconnected victims of everything, and everyone Breitbart antagonized in his life– and those who were indirectly affected in ways that will negatively reverberate for years to come. And because he helped steal power from the virtually powerless and brought it back to his masters like the morning paper, it’s just a dog’s life to me, bitch.

    And now the conspiracy theories clinch it. “They’re radicals!” Breitbart insisted at CPAC. Bernadine Dorhn, Bill Ayers, and Barack Obama…”radicals!”

    This segues from a chain email that’s been circulating in wingnut circles about a video Hannity was promoting as “the video that Obama doesn’t want you to see!” that alleges to prove president Obama’s betrayal of white America with edited videos of him saying some nice things about the Muslim faith. The conspiracy theory was reinforced with accusations that the president was censoring the internet because of it. “Trying to silence our faith-based lies!” They were prepped and primed for this. And all Breitbart said at CPAC and elsewhere was that he had a tape that proves Obama is a Leftwing radical. Harvard is always producing the best conspiracy theories this side of Yale and their fucked up Skull & Bones history. See Jeremy Lin.

    But how did he come by such a tape? Did he sneak off and steal it when he and Tucker Carlson were in their home as the winners of a strange auction for “Super Bowl dinner with Bernadine and Bill?” How surprised were they when Andrew Breitbart showed up as Tucker Carlson’s date? How did Tucker Carlson beat out everyone else for this chance to spend time with them? No takers on the left? Is it because the old adage that wealth($2500 in this case) buys more access, and therefore more power, proved to be true, yet again?

    No, I want the nuts to know I’m not afraid of any tape Breitbart may have had in his possession from president Obama’s college years probably showing an afro-ish Black Panther-looking future-president with a lit cigarette exchanging ideas with Bernadine Dorhn and Bill Ayers(gasp!) back in the day.

    It can’t be as “radical” as the Vietnam and COINTELPRO era that defined their coming-of-age history of dissent in modern America because in one particular instance during that period, the agents of right wing government kicked open the doors and gunned down Fred Hampton like he was Bonnie and Clyde in his Chicago apartment while he slept in his bed. Gunning down prominent voices for social justice has historically been the refuge, or the unequal-equalizer for the right wing enemies of democracy, or “communist” killers. Whether it’s bullets, or bats to the head, corporate super pacs, or a douchey blogger with a mainstream media platform disproportionate to his value– it’s all the same anti-American army to me.

    There is no conspiracy to be found in Breitbart’s heart attacking him. Just like it’s not a conspiracy when a 17 year old kid drops dead on the football field, or the basketball court. Don’t fucking talk to me about conspiracies surrounding a failed heart when I’ve seen my kind of people gunned down and lynched for their free speech. There’s no conspiracy there. Give it up, right wing terrorists.

    Whatever tape Breitbart may have had, according to his CPAC -teaser-rant and my very deductive-reasoning, you can watch president Obama’s famous wealth-redistributing exchange with Joe the Plumber for the consolation gist. It’s no secret this president is an open advocate for social justice. Who’s hiding that? What these sick bastards will really miss out on is their uneducated glory. The over-the-top, show-stopping, carnival barker vilification of this president’s empathetic principles– and the chance to once again destroy the notion of ‘power to the people’ by weakening the role of government and communities for the sadistic entertainment of our corporate monarchy.

    • sandinbrick

      Well written, my friend. I feel nothing for Breitbart except there are so many more that will take his place. President Obama is the first one to be disrepected right in his face. My Breitbart rot in hell!

    • D_C_Wilson

      Remember, “Social Justice” is just one step away from letting the Nazis take over. Glenn Beck said so, so it must be true.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Crap, I knew we should have quickly buried his body at sea …….

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Next to bin Laden’s.

  • D_C_Wilson

    How did Breitbart die? Just look at any recent picture of him. I’m only few months younger than Breitbart and I’m overweight and I STILL look a hundred times better than he did. He was 43. I turn 43 in July and he looks old enough to be my father!

  • JackDaniel07

    A. I’m Andrew Breitbart and I have “damning evidence” on tape against this President. Why would I release it March 1st? Why not November 1st to ensure it doesnt get buried by the 24hour “news” cycle? Just in time for election day? So, to me, March 1st makes no sense.

    B. I’m Breitbart’s wife, secretary, surrogate, colleague, employee, right-hand-man, whatever…I have a copy of the DAMNING tape and my husband/friend/boss just died “mysteriously” on the very date we were to release the damning footage. Why would I not release those tapes THEN on March 1st, as promised, on the very same day AB is dominating the news cycle due to his death, therefore giving the tape(s) the most impact humanly possible?

    I’ll tell you why, its the same answer for A & B.
    Andrew Breitbart was ALWAYS full of shit.
    A huckster….a friggin carnival barker…

    The truth will come out with the autopsy, and we will all see that AB was a drug-addled alcoholic who treated his body with the same amount of respect as he treated journalistic integrity – ZIP. In fact, MY conspiracy theory is that the autopsy will show some sort of brain malfunction, seriously, that will help to explain his delusions, including his vision of the damning tapes that nobody else has a copy of apparently.

    • JackDaniel07

      Mitt Romney is reportedly jealous that Breitbart and his Golden Tape stole Joseph Smith’s tablet story…

  • sandinbrick

    Of course these creeps would think Breitbart was killed, these guys always put fear into the minds of other Republicans. Saw one today wearing “I am Breitbart”, so silly. I feel bad for his family, but this man was full of hate, especially for black people. Wonder what his bud James O’Keefe will do.

  • Oh hell, let’s just get it out there.

    Breitbart was seemingly doing coke. Or something. Let them try to cover it up and pin it on Obama all they like, an independent autopsy would prove them all idiot liars.

    Bunch of jerks with no consciences, they are.

  • agrazingmoose

    I am really annoyed by respected bloggers intimating that Breitbart died because of his hectic work life.

    If that was the case, I, and many other single working mothers, would have been dead long ago.

    • For real!

    • JackDaniel07

      That was the exact email I sent to Sullivan

      “Next time you contract blacklung by reposting a youtube video on your blog, hit me up”

    • Amen!

  • I expect nothing else out of Alex Jones…

  • Alas, no amount of official investigation will unring this bell. Conspiracy theories, science shows, are immune to reason:

    • Bizarrely, they are cognitive act undertaken to preserve the ego.

  • We all know Breitbart was a full blown alcoholic and had been for years. I have also heard from “friends” of his that he enjoyed dabbling in cocaine. We’ll know for sure with the autopsy results. Why wasn’t he at home helping wife with those 4 little kids instead of wandering around the “neighborhood bar” at all hours of the night?

    • JackDaniel07

      Give him a break, it was Ladies Night

  • What did I JUST f**king say, Bob? This could have been Sarah Palin. The first big teabagging death was bound to give birth to a religion. Everything everyone has ever said about conservatism as a religion is coming to fruity fruition.

  • JMAshby

    Is Drudge linking to Alex Jones a new thing or has he been doing that for a while?

  • ainsleyroad

    He may have had some video from the president’s college days, but I’m sure they were doctored to hell.

    • (Obama crossing the quad)

      VOICEOVER: Hey, everyone, I’m on my way to a Communist Party meeting!

      CUT TO: Breitbart, in studio with Sean Hannity


      • ainsleyroad

        That’s about right.

  • ainsleyroad

    The people on those blogs are sick.

  • mattpd03

    well, if the autopsy results show anything like that, then they’ve obviously been fixed. it’s all part of the conspiracy, you see…

  • amaraya

    “I have a pretty good idea of what killed Breitbart and it wasn’t any conspiracy.”

    Anyone who has seen him over the last year or so should be able to Nancy Drew this mystery relatively quickly.