Dueling Wingnut Conspiracy Theories

Breitbart is now suggesting that the Spooners, the farmers who Shirley Sherrod helped, aren't who they say they are.

And Glenn Beck thinks this is some sort of twisted conspiracy orchestrated by the president to discredit Fox News Channel:

So let's follow this logic. The White House clandestinely sent Breitbart a selectively edited and misleading video of a low-level USDA official. Breitbart engages in horribly irresponsible reporting and publishes this video while screaming racism. The White House fires the so-called "racist" person in the video, making the administration look ridiculous. Fox News is discredited for airing the clip. But so is every other news outlet that aired it. President laughs. For some reason. Even though he, too, looks silly.


So Glenn Beck's stupid theory is predicated upon the idea that Breitbart is a shitty reporter. I'll buy that part, at least.

Beck also screeches about how the media has destroyed Sherrod's life. But just yesterday, Beck was calling her a "Maoist." Rush Limbaugh suggested Breitbart's video was "great work."