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Eff Politico

Linkins reports:

As a part of its ongoing effort to retain exclusive brand licensing rights to a word that’s been a part of the English language since the early seventeenth century, Politico has ordered a British website called Tory Politico to stop using the word “politico,” because—who knows? Maybe you might accidentally end up at the latter site and become confused as to why your favorite Beltway press-release mill has suddenly become obsessed with Parliament and Gordon Brown and Torchwood or something?

John Cole adds via Twitter that we should all boycott linking to Politico until they cut the shit. As if we needed another reason to ignore Politico.

I'll go one further. Stand by for a new logo here.

UPDATE: Political Party Pooper has joined the logo campaign.

UPDATE 2: Jim in Michigan has changed his logo, too.

UPDATE 3: Skippy joins the Politico bandwagon.