Eff You, Insurance Lobby

Following up on this AHIP report, the health insurance cartel is basically saying that if the Finance bill is passed (again, as-is which is unlikely), premiums will rise by 111 percent. They're basically saying: We gonna do it! Don't make us do it! Don't make us screw you because we will!

Without reform, and if the last 10 years are any indication, the health insurance companies will raise rates by at least 120 percent anyway.

111 percent with reform. 120 percent without.

Adding... Anthony Weiner:

That should be a tell to the Baucus team that you know what, maybe it’s time for them to go back and revisit the public option. In a strange way, and look, obviously they didn’t mean this, the health insurance lobby today fired the most important salvo in weeks for the public option, because they have said, as clear as day, left to their own devices, according to their own number crunchers, they’re going to raise rates 111%.