Eff You, Ron Brownstein

Greg Sargent rips into Ron Brownstein's ridiculous assumptions about kill-billers:

Brownstein writes that Dean and the “digital left” are able to “casually dismiss” the bill because “they operate in an environment where so few people need to worry about access to insurance.” He adds that for these critics, the debate is “largely an abstraction” and merely a crusade to “crush Republicans and ideologically cleanse the Democrats.”

Look, I know kill-billers who are being crushed by a lack of health insurance. Ron Brownstein, and Chris Matthews for that matter, have no goddamn clue about the "digital left" other than what they hear echoed from within their bitter, dying, jealous old-media fishbowl. F-ck them. Chris Matthews? Who takes home $5 million a year for being in last place? What does he know about "digital lefties" many of whom earn next to nothing for their efforts?

Adding... Speaking of kill-billers, I'm debating Stranahan on Twitter now. I'm insane.