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Elected Sociopath Greg Abbott Sets the Record Straight

President Obama says the nation has been at a stand-still on gun control, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott begs to differ.

Conservatism is a mental illness.

  • LTanya Spearman

    So this homicidal maniac gets on twitter and bragged about putting more guns on the street so that any psychopath, mental person can committed the most heinous act to murder. And these are the people msm (incl. msnbc) idolize. God protect the innocent.

  • muselet



  • Christopher Foxx

    “I don’t know why he says we’ve had no success slowing the car down. I mean, I just got the thing up to 90 and I’m sure we can break 100.” – Greg Abbott, Texan

  • Victor the Crab

    This is a lot like a doctor telling his patient he’s been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and that his only hope to survive is to smoke a carton of unfiltered Camels cigarettes a day.

    Gawd, but the stupid burns.

  • BillWestern

    Sigh. This is our country today.