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Elections Matter: LA Governor Edwards Signs Non-Discrimination Order

Rather than codify or enable discrimination as Republican governors in other states have done, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (D) has signed an executive order to prohibit discrimination against state employees and the employees of contractors who do business with the state.

Here's a statement directly from the governor's office:

Today, Governor John Bel Edwards signed an executive order providing employment protections for state employees and employees of state contractors on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, political affiliation, disability, or age. This executive order also prohibits discrimination in services provided by state agencies, and recognizes an exemption for churches and religious organizations. [...]

“We respect our fellow citizens for their beliefs, but we do not discriminate based on our disagreements. I believe in giving every Louisianan the opportunity to be successful and to thrive in our state. Our goal is to promote the opportunities we have right here in Louisiana. While this executive order respects the religious beliefs of our people, it also signals to the rest of the country that discrimination is not a Louisiana value, but rather, that Louisiana is a state that is respectful and inclusive of everyone around us.”

Any Democrat is better than a Republican.

  • ninjaf

    With this new governor, I imagine the citizens of Louisiana coming out of their hiding places cautiously, looking a lot like Munchkinland in the Wizard of Oz after Dorothy’s house lands.

  • muselet

    By tomorrow morning, articles of impeachment will have been drawn up and the howls of outrage! will be deafening.

    Until then, though, good for John Bel Edwards.


  • Aynwrong

    “Any Democrat is better than a Republican.”

    Amen. At this point, that statement is mathematically verifiable.

  • i_a_c

    Hear this: the difference between expanded Medicaid and the lack thereof in Louisiana is the difference between a moderate Democrat and the disastrous Bobby Jindal.

    Anyone peddling the “not a dime’s worth of difference” bullshit nowadays can go fuck themselves. Lives depend on this.

    • Toolymegapoopoo

      I’m a Bernie supporter and I can tell you the most frustrating people spouting the “both sides are the same” nonsense are other Bernie supporters. They continuously rant that if Sanders doesn’t win they won’t vote at all in November. These fucking idiots think Clinton is the same as Trump or Cruz. I have wealth and health insurance so it would be easy for me to just say fuck them and let them have the president they deserve (oh, which means the next 20 years of the SCOTUS they deserve) but I actually have some empathy and dread what will happen to poor people if slime like Cruz or Trump take control.

      • i_a_c

        Amen. Clinton absolutely has faults but Ted Cruz is on another, terrifying level. There’s just no comparison. Not anymore.