End Times

(Cartoonist - Pat Bagley)

In other news, the New York attorney general's office is investigating the makers of Epipens for possibly inserting "anti-competitive terms" into contracts with public schools.

Meanwhile, a local Republican township committee candidate in New Jersey told a Daily Beast reporter that he hopes she gets raped. Mike Krawitz claims he was hacked, but apparently he's been harassing her for a year.


Finally, Fox News host Megyn Kelly has hired a non-Fox publicist for her book that's due in November after the election and after he current contract with Fox expires. Is this a tell-all?

It would be remarkable if Fox News as we've known it for the past 10 years is ultimately brought down by the behavior of the man who crafted its misogynistic messaging.

Programming note... I made it online today but I probably won't tomorrow. They're installing new floors here tomorrow.