Senator Barack Obama


Senator Biden seriously needs to cut this shit out.

"John McCain is my friend," said the loquacious Blue Hen. "I admire John McCain. I know of no man or woman I have ever met that has more personal courage than John McCain. We have been friends for over 33 years. We have traveled together. When John was Navy liaison he staffed me for three or four years everywhere I traveled in the world.

"Jill and John are good friends,"...

...And he goes on and on from there and only stops short of complimenting McCain's ass. Meanwhile, and in stark contrast, Palin is running around implying that Senator Obama is a layabout slacker.

(The more I think about her "actual responsibilities" remark, the more it sounds like she and Vlad Rudy were playing the old "African-Americans are shiftless and lazy" card. If so, it's very Birth of a Nation of them. I cover some of the history of the far-right's electoral racism in the chapter 'The Great Fear of 2008' in my forthcoming book.)

Anyway... Stop it, Joe. Just stop.