Morning Joe


Joan Walsh from Salon is on Morning Joe suggesting that Obama needs to speak in soundbytes and without specifics on the economy. The rest of the panel, led by Joe, are concern-trolling and wondering why the polls are so close. Well -- it's obviously because there aren't enough soundbytes and nonspecifics in this election.

To quote Jon Stewart from four years ago: You're hurting America.

UPDATE: Eric Boehlert:

Fact: Between Monday and Friday of last week, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC aired more mentions of "lipstick" than they did "Fannie Mae."

No wonder millions of Americans will vote against their financial interests this November. Again. According Alan Greenspan and Mort Zuckerman -- not economic lightweights -- we're in the middle of the worst financial crisis in a century. A CENTURY! Do the list. And the cable news hacks want more soundbytes and nonspecifics?! I don't even want to know what they're saying on FOX & Friends.

Hurting. America.

UPDATE THE SECOND: Scarborough mocking Obama: