Wingnut Revolution Fail – Part 2

Malkin has posted a series of photos from the Wingnut Revolution in Washington, D.C. Not only are they requiring permits from the government in order to, you know, overthrow the government, but they also appear to be having some problems with their signs:

I've been staring at this one for a few minutes now, trying to figure out the slogan. It's obviously a joke about how several ACORN volunteers registered some bogus names last year. But the logic of the sign is really bizarre. So the guy holding the sign is announcing that he's dead? That's a weird thing to say, especially since he's clearly not dead. But let's say that he actually is dead and his undead corpse is attending the Wingnut Revolution. So the wingnut corpse voted once, but he wants ACORN to help him vote again? If he's a wingnut -- dead or alive -- isn't he against ACORN?

Two things on this one. First, there appears to be a wingnut baby in the background attempting to escape. Flee now, Wingnut Baby, while you still can! Second, as Oliver Willis pointed out, if you live on a block with just one foreclosure, property values on the whole block start to dip. Add a couple more and yes, your mortgage becomes everyone's problem. So stupid.

UPDATE: From Nano in the comments...


More Photoshops are very encouraged.