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Eric Bolling’s Fictional America


This is what it looks like when someone who should be getting shot in the balls by kids at the county fair is allowed to spew pure bullshit on a cable news channel.

Eric Bolling, a man who apparently doesn’t even know what SNAP stands for, has concluded without a shred of evidence that the program is being used to buy liquor, lap-dances, and pot. Because that’s “Obamanomics” and we’re living in “Obama’s America.”

via Media Matters

On the February 25 edition of The Five, co-host Eric Bolling cited an interview with surfing freeloader Jason Greenslate that aired on The O’Reilly Factor the night before. Like Fox’s first profile of Greenslate during the August 2013 special titled “The Great Food Stamp Binge,” wherein the network attempted to make the “blissfully jobless California surfer” the face of SNAP benefits, Bolling used Greenslate to suggest that the program is rife with fraud, suggesting that food stamps may be used in “strip clubs, liquor stores, [and] pot dispensaries”:

Bolling went on to claim that Greenslate is “representative of literally millions of Americans,” before concluding: “The SNAP program, it’s not called food stamps anymore, it’s called SNAP. Supplemental — what, N — Nutrition. Right. What about liquor, lap dances, and pot is nutritional?”

Supplemental what? What does N stand for? Oh, that’s right, it stands for nutrition! Eric gets a gold star.

Bolling’s fellow idiots on the witness stand brought up the fictional tale of EBT cards being used to buy pot in Colorado and blamed the “libruuuls” for blocking a bill to stop it.

As you may recall, the story of EBT cards being used to buy pot was a fabrication posted on a satirical news site which local Republican officials in Colorado fell for. State congresswoman and resident genius Vicki Marble, of fried chicken and porno fame, sponsored a bill to stop it.

Fox News picked up the story days after it was already debunked and they’re still flogging it today,

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but you cannot use SNAP benefits or EBT cards to purchase lap dances, liquor, pot, or a wide range of other things.

  • Christopher Foxx

    I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but you cannot use SNAP benefits or EBT cards to purchase lap dances, liquor, pot, or a wide range of other things.

    Well, not in your reality maybe. But in Republican reality they’re not used for anything else. And their reality is more legitimate that yours because otherwise you’re denying their religious freedom.

  • Webdunce

    I don’t post here too often, but sometimes I see a story and feel that I must. I am almost always in full agreement with the content on this blog and I love reading the comments. Usually I am nodding in agreement and don’t feel the need to insert my two cents. Sure, Eric Bolling is off his nut and does nothing to advance any conversation. My issue here is with the assertion by that you can’t use EBT/SNAP to purchase liquor, etc. It is a fact that EBT fraud is alive and well in the state of CT. Sure, you can believe that someone at a strip club, liquor store or the casino is only using the ATM and wouldn’t dare use the money coming out of it in those establishments. But are you that naive? It’s a real problem here and the solution has absolutely no teeth. I also personally know where people in New Britain sell their SNAP cards for drug money. It is right out in the open. Unfortunately, I have family members who are drug addicts and in poverty. I’m sure some of you do too.

    • Christopher Foxx

      If what you say is true, Webdunce, is the solution to deny SNAP to people who don’t abuse it?

      If people are “sell[ing] their SNAP cards for drug money … right out in the open” is that a failure of SNAP which should be corrected by not giving benefits to law-abiding recipients? Or is it a failure of law enforcement to stop obvious illegal activity which should be corrected by arresting the law-breakers?

      • Webdunce

        Of course not. There are millions who need and rely on those benefits and should receive them and more! However, to deny the fraud is silly. It’s out there. Maybe the easy solution is to just count the losses. Or devise a real nuanced plan to fight fraud and not fall back on the easy right wing solution/talking point to “drug test them all” which essentially turns poor people into suspects and solves nothing. I don’t claim to have any big ideas on how to fix this, but it seems that in what many believe to be the most innovative country in the world (US) someone would!

        • Christopher Foxx

          I don’t think anyone who supports SNAP is denying fraud occurs, Webdunce. If they are, well, yes, shame on them for being extremist and silly. But I don’t think that’s really happening.

          But the Republicans and wingnuts (yeah, redundant) are, of course, extremist and silly as their basic nature. Not to mention vicious. And they do advocate not just throwing the baby out with the bath water, but every child in a 10 block radius as well.

          So it’s important to always point out that any fraud involves a very small portion of SNAP whenever anyone starts with the “But what about the fraud?” as if it were systemic.

    • Sabyen91

      You can’t take SNAP funds out at an ATM. If you see someone taking money out of an ATM with an EBT card it is TANF funds, not SNAP.

  • Siege

    I’m pretty sure you’re not even allowed to use SNAP to buy white bread, let alone liquor.

  • nathkatun7

    These right wingers have totally lost it! Their visceral hatred of President Obama has driven them totally insane! The tragedy, of course, is that the media are giving them megaphones and platforms to indoctrinate low information people with blatant lies.

    • Christopher Foxx

      These right wingers have totally lost it!

      They lost it 22 years ago.

  • chris ellis

    I wonder what n word Bolling wanted to say

    • Christopher Foxx

      “You mean it doesn’t stand for Suspicious Niggers And Parasites?” – Eric Bolling

  • D_C_Wilson

    This is already making the rounds on the intertubes. And it won’t surprise anyone that it’s being accepted as gospel on planet wingnuttia. This is why Fox is different from MSNBC. MSNBC is biased, but they live in the same reality the rest of us do. Fox’s brain trust doesn’t care if what they say is complete bullshit or not, so long as it serves the agenda.

  • Toolymegapoopoo

    I used to wonder why it was that it only seemed to be conservatives that fell for satirical news stories. Then I realized that real headlines about conservatives are often so ridiculous that it is nearly impossible for moderates or liberals to come up with anything better.

    “Rep. Stockman Suggests Arming Fetuses.” Oh, Onion, you’ve done it again. Oh wait, he really fucking said that? WTF?

  • muselet

    I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but you cannot use SNAP benefits or EBT cards to purchase lap dances, liquor, pot, or a wide range of other things.

    Of course not, and everyone here, with the possible exception of the trolls, knows that. However, FNC’s audience believes the opposite, or at best is unsure.

    Eric Bolling is riling up the rubes against those people, simple—and evil—as that.