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Erick Erickson’s Misogyny Indicative of Larger Conservative Crisis

My Monday column and an epic takedown of Erickson’s misogynistic conservatism:

The modern conservative movement officially looks like that Three Stooges short in which Moe, Larry and Curly try to fix the plumbing. The modern right-wing has attained new heights of clownishness — it’s utterly clueless, rudderless and disconnected with both reality and basic rationality. And the movement has Erick Erickson to thank for its arrival at this level of total incompetence and backwards, archaic incoherence.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about Erickson, a Fox News and Red State right-wing screecher, and his twisted appearance on Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business Channel show (yes, Dobbs and his unwieldy gigantic teeth are still on television) when he attempted to justify with “science” the commonly held far-right idea that a woman’s place is in the home and “bringing home the bacon” is a purely a man’s job. Not only that but Erickson also tried to say that working moms are “anti-science” and damaging to families. Erickson used scientific suppositions ostensibly yanked from his squinty bunghole to illustrate how throughout the animal kingdom and the history of humanity, men have been the dominant gender, and it’s worked out pretty well, so let’s keep going with it.

Predictably, Erickson was very, very wrong in terms of both his so-called science and his overarching support of male dominance. But we know this. What’s not entirely evident is how this cuts to the core of why the modern American conservative movement is so detached from what reasonable people consider to be reality. [continue reading here]

  • Jenelle Anderson
  • Jenelle Anderson

    Ummmmm. Farm life…the woman MADE the bacon! For cry’in out loud! Bear life, mountain lion life, cat life, coyote life: the mother feeds her young and (hopefully) never sees the male except to mate. In the mean time, she must feed herself and her 1 to 4 young…often demanding 3 or 4 times her normal ingestion just to lactate. War life: there AIN’T no men! Post WWII, many immigrants had TWO wives–one in America and one–over there: never to meet, never to share the same continent.
    Usage in 20th century America refer to a sucessful businessman or sportsman: prizefighters, pitchers, or businessmen who “closed the deal.” The origin of this idiom dates back to 1100s when the minister of a british township awarded a side of bacon to the ‘most loving couple’ …in other words, the bacon was a community carrot for married couples to behave in a civil fashion. The most civil couple won the prize. http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/bring-home-the-bacon.html

  • The one thing you forgot to mention is the conservative women on fox news like Megyn Kelly see this caveman thinking “you’re nothing more than a baby-making machine and your place is in the kitchen” as a direct attack on them, and they must be asking themselves “why the fuck am I still working in this kind of hostile environment?” I don’t get it.

    I can’t help but feel sorry for women like Ms. Kelly because she is intelligent and educated. She is not stupid.

    • jezebel

      Why the hell would you feel “sorry” for Kelly? She knew when she signed her HUGE 6 figure salary she was doing so to sell out. Something she has done mire times than nit working on fox.

      • I feel sorry for her because now she is feeling the sexist attacks on women first hand because she is a woman and no matter the huge 6 figure salary she’s getting, it has to hit very close to home of the utter shit she has to put up with disgusting guys like Erickson. She is getting exactly what she deserves. I hope the cavemen at fox news continue their patriarchal attacks on women. It will eventually eat at Ms. Kelly. No one has that kind of strong stomach to tolerate that forever.

    • I think Megyn Kelly is an exception. Generally, conservative women accept the conservative misogyny as God’s will or whatever.

      • I just can’t imagine how those attacks aren’t personal. They are. No one has that kind of emotional backbone to tolerate that forever.