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Erickson Doesn’t Think the President is a Secret Muslim, But…

He can see why some people do.


Yeah. Who cares what Erickson says, right?

That would be a question you should ask the Republican party because they see eye to eye.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus, Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor Rick Perry attended Erickson’s RedState Gathering in Texas just three weeks ago.

Colin Powell may have said it best in 2008 when he asked the question “so what if he was?”

  • muselet

    Why might that be, Erick Erickson?

    Was Barack Obama’s tan suit somehow unpresidential? Was it the fact that he didn’t announce the Air Force had begun carpet-bombing Iraq and Syria? The fact that John McCain or Mitt Romney isn’t president? Please enlighten us.

    I don’t think Erick Erickson is a fatheaded Right-wing buffoon, but after that tweet I understand why so many do.


    • Hemidemisemiquaver

      Boy, that last sentence is pure genius:

      I don’t think Rick Perry is going to jail, but after that indictment I understand why so many do.

      I don’t think Allen West has a higher security clearance than Obama, but after that interview I understand why so many do.

      and so on and so on

      • muselet

        Yeah, Erick ibn Erick led with his chin with that tweet. Alas, it’s too long to make into a meme.