Erickson: Only Muslims Can Be Terrorists

I need to set up an app on my computer that warns me before I click over to RedState. I need a series of warning dialog boxes that ask repeatedly: Are you sure you want to visit RedState? They're really crazy! Click Okay or Cancel below. Click. Seriously, Erick Erickson runs that site. He's not just a wingnut, he's a caricature -- a stereotype of a wingnut. Click Okay or Cancel below. Click. Aw shit.

Case in point, Erick Erickson makes a case against TSA administrator-designee Errol Southers by suggesting that only Muslims can be terrorists, and for Southers to dare suggest that there are other kinds of terrorism makes the would-be TSA official totally unacceptable.

Mr. Southers, in 2008, said he was more worried about “Christian identity” terrorist groups inside the U.S. than islamic terrorists. What are “Christian identity” terrorist groups? White-supremacists naturally. The KKK. And the Southern Baptist Convention.

Southers identifies pro-life groups and anti-government activists as particular problems.

Well, of course they're problems. If you look at the raw numbers from 1993-2009, there were many more terrorist attacks inside the U.S. by anti-abortion evildoers than by Islamic evildoers.


And if Erickson knew anything about the KKK and white supremacists, he'd know that their entire bigoted view of non-whites is founded on biblical passages -- and they're ALL Christians. I'm not sure there are any, you know, Buddhist KKK members, but we can check on that.