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JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Kevin Siers)

In other news, a new lawsuit has been filed against former Fox News chief Roger Ailes by a local Fox affiliate reporter who says Ailes sexually harassed her when she applied at Fox News.

Meanwhile, Ohio Governor John Kasich vetoed an anti-abortion "heartbeat bill," but he signed a 20-week abortion ban into law. This will probably be struck down, at least at the federal district level. Beyond that, it's anyone's guess.

Finally, if you were not sufficiently bewildered today, you could read these interviews of Obamacare enrollees who voted for Donald Trump even though he promised to take away their healthcare.

Maybe John Carpenter is a bit too on the nose. Our future could be equal parts Idiocracy and Escape From New York.

  • mnpollio

    “Bewildered” is an understatement of epic proportions. Then again, I have run into this same thing myself in the DMV area. I wrote before about a former work acquaintance – a nurse – whose 27-year-old son is on food stamps and Medicaid, and she is trying to get him on Social Security/disability, despite the fact that this kid has never worked a day in his life and his big claim against working is “ADHD and anger issues”. Now, I can certainly debate whether her son should be on these benefits, but the point is that SHE believes he should be on these benefits and fought to get him there so that her wallet would not be impacted by carrying him on her insurance etc. Now she did vote for Obama in the past despite a history of voting Republican, but she out-and-out refused to vote for Clinton because she completely believes every vile lie about Clinton that comes out of the Fox News BS brigade. So naturally she threw a vote to Trump and keeps stomping her feet and holding her breath insisting that Trump and Co. “would not dare” to touch her son’s benefits. So truthfully, I really have no sympathy for people like her that supported Trump and are now facing a cut in benefits. In fact, it might take something as awful as that in order to wake these people up to the real world – but then again, perhaps they are beyond such a thing. I have the utmost sympathy for people who voted against Trump and are now going to get screwed because of people like her though. If everything pans out for the Repugs and there are cuts or abolishments in Medicare, Social Security, benefits, etc., then all of those people who voted for him should be called out and held accountable for their actions. They don’t get to say they are “shocked” or that they “had other reasons” and they most certainly don’t get the wail about how hard it is for them to make ends meet now.

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    I’m a straight white male who identifies as male, lives in New York, and is not Muslim. I have stable, employer-provided health care. I am in the top few percent of income – not (yet) a 1%-er, but working on it. I work in high finance, regulation is a huge pain in my ass, and corporate welfare directly translates into a bigger bonus for me. Trump is going to be great for me. He is going to be a disaster for most other people, but not me. I am going to clean up.

    I find it ironic that I fight so hard against my own interests.

    And then, the people I am trying to help.. these people turn around and fight me to the death to vote against their interests in favor policies that screw themselves and help me.

    If it’s so important to them that they shoot themselves in the foot, maybe I should just get the hell out of their way?

    • Your frustration is understandable. They’re voting against their self-interest out of ignorance (and probably bigotry) and you’re voting against your self-interest out of altruism. Altruism is hard because it goes against self-preservation–a triumph of the rational mind over the lizard brain. You’re not alone…believe me. There are plenty of liberals who make decent money and voting democratic isn’t really in their best interests economically. Just don’t give up. Whatever you do, don’t devolve and lose that sense of altruism.

    • ninjaf

      I feel the same way (we are not 1%ers but we are 10%ers) and we constantly vote for raising our own taxes in an effort to help those from where we came (both from lower middle class families squarely in automotive country). I hate to see the suffering that is going to ensue but conservatives have shown an inability to empathize with something they personally do not experience. So, how else are you supposed to sway public support among a group of people who literally cannot imagine something they have not personally witnessed?

      It’s time for some tough love.

    • Scopedog

      Maybe you should let them shoot themselves in the foot.

      Honestly, these people deserve to be assraped by Trump and the GOP without lube. Maybe then they’ll come to their senses and realize that they were fucking idiots.

      • Kitty Smith

        No they won’t, they’ll just smile and beg for another round because they’re so so so so so sure that everyone they don’t like is getting it worse.

  • Aynwrong

    I have an aunt who would literally be destitute without Social Security & Medicare who has expressed worry about GOP’s agenda to do away with both. She voted for Romney despite presence of Ryan on ticket and voterd for Trump because “Hillary is a Marxist.” She still expresses concern about loss of Social Security & Medicare.

    I’m not surprised and I don’t what to say.

    • JMAshby

      This is why arguments that Democrats don’t appeal to the “working class” irritate the hell out of me. People of color make up the majority of the real working class today, but in beltway vernacular “working class” refers to white people in the rust belt.

      I’m from central Kentucky and I currently live in Southwestern Ohio. I’ve lived in close proximity to people like your Aunt basically my whole life, and there’s no silver bullet for appealing to them.

      A lot of famous liberals, particularly actors, are actually from the rust belt, and many liberal journalists and people who live and work on the coasts today were born in middle America, and yet they’re dismissed as “elites” just as often by the far left as they are the far right.

      They, we, understand people in middle America just fine because we’re from here, too.

      I can think of a few ultra rich Hollywood actors who probably have a better grasp of what life is like in Kentucky than someone like Saint Bernie Sanders does.

      • Aynwrong

        We’re from the East Coast. My whole family is from NY City and are the basic model of “White Flight.” This is how I know that race is an enormous element to this. In my aunt’s case, I’m not sure cognitive dissonance is strong enough a term.

        Me and Mom are the only liberals in the bunch. Thanksgiving is usually an exercise in keeping our heads down.

    • mnpollio

      Ask your aunt to define what a Marxist is. I hear these conservatives/Trump supporters constantly shout out these names as insults. Wasn’t there a time when Obama was a SOCIALIST, a COMMUNIST and a FASCIST all at the same time? And what makes the whole thing lunatic is that the people shouting these epithets more often than not have no idea what they are. They only know that someone on a conservative blog, conservative radio station or Fox News said it, so it simply MUST be true. Truthfully, until Dems and liberals can get their act together and either dismantle the conservative media empires and build up an effective media antidote of their own (and get rid of these gerrymandered political/geographic areas), then we are going to get chronically screwed and huge levels of disinformation will continue to sway the public to vote against their own self interests. Somewhere Ayn Rand is laughing – hopefully somewhere boiling hot.

      • Aynwrong

        I have asked her. She doesn’t know.

        I was always amazed at how some conservative pundits accused Obama of being a “Islamic extremist” one day and the next the same people would call him a “radical atheist.”