Everyone Is Going to Hate the Supreme Court

The Republicans are totally psyched for the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act. They're absolutely giddy about it.

However, it's worth noting at this point that Republicans with pre-existing conditions would be denied insurance.

Republican families of four earning around $55K per year will likely pay an additional $6,597 in annual premiums without the ACA's premium caps, and they would lose an additional $1,930 in annual subsidies to help them pay for insurance. In total Republican families will pay an additional $8,527 per year for health insurance if the ACA is overturned by the Supreme Court. Fact.

Republicans who want to remain on their parent's health insurance would find themselves uninsured.

Republican seniors receiving Medicare Part-D coverage would, once again, face the dreaded donut-hole forcing them to pay for life-saving but prohibitively expensive prescriptions out-of-pocket for a period of time.

Republicans at or below 133% of the federal poverty level would lose their Medicaid coverage.

Republicans who use up their lifetime limit for coverage will have to pay for healthcare out of pocket and risk going broke in the process -- just for getting sick or injured.

Republicans will, once again, risk being dropped from their coverage as soon as they get sick or injured.

Republicans will have to deal with deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance for preventative care and check-ups.

And on and on...

For some reason they can't wait for the law to be overturned.

  • villemar

    Modern Republicanism is all about culling the herd. They love it. Friends, relatives, self taking a financial or health hit? Oh well, collateral damage, hurting the Marxist Kenyan Antichrist is priority number one.

    Although they need to be very careful about this, they seem intent on creating a classic Davies’ J-Curve. I had to look this one up, I still remember this concept from my Poli-Sci professor back in college, who was a student of Davies, but basically it’s a model that revolutions occur not when things are really bad, but when things are starting to get better and then the rug gets pulled under them. Because they have had a taste of things getting better, going backwards is no longer acceptable.

    Here is a kind of amazingly precient post I pulled up on the google machine that highlights this, with a neat little classic Davies’ J-curve diagram:

  • Here is my prediction: President Obama is right. The Supremes are not going to overturn ACA and here’s why. Chief Justice Roberts knows that the credibility of SCOTUS is on the line. Maybe not for now, but for the future of the court and the generations that follow. Bush v. Gore was a supreme court disaster; followed closely by the Citizens United decision, supreme court watchers have placed these two decisions along side Dred Scott as three of the worst in the court’s history.

    But bad decisions aside, Roberts is not willing to allow the court to dive deeper into a reputation as just a bunch of activists judges. (Roberts and Scalia may have to be on the same court bench, but I don’t think they are taking warm showers together.) Roberts knows that it is not President Obama who will judge him, or even the justices on the court he presides over, and it won’t be the overwhelming love and praise of a bunch of deviant republicans, it will be history and the people who write it. One more decision like Citizen’s United and Chief Justice Roberts and his place in history will forever be cemented in the minds of historians as the worst example of an activist judiciary in American history.

    Here is how I think it goes: Scalia, Alito, and Thomas vote it down. Why? well the reasons are different for each justice. Alito is the biggest ideologue on the court. With a huge ego and inflated level of self-importance. (Remember “You’re wrong!” during the state of the union?) He is someone completely devoid of compassion or empathy. He doesn’t care what happens to people and he sees the law in very narrow black and white strips of his version of the truth. Thomas, who severely lacks intellect and is really just a picture of a justice when he is sitting on the bench, will vote ACA down because he votes conservatively simply because he got told to. He didn’t hear any of the oral arguments anyway, so asking him to render a reasonable decision would be impossible. Scalia’s vote is a given. Scalia has had the same problem all along. He is a strict constructionist without regard for other’s thoughts, feelings, or opinions. He always belives he is the smartest guy in the room and everyone else he encounters is a dumb ass. This was clearly illustrated in his references to “broccoli” during oral arguments. He is a ridiculous man and a one-sided jurist without feeling or passion for anything but his constructionist views.

    Sotomayor, Breyer, Ginsburg, and Kagin will vote to uphold ACA. There reasoning is simple, and Kennedy will jump square into the argument on this. The congress passed it, therefore the country lives with it until congress passes a law to repeal it. Roberts will go along with Kennedy on this. Roberts knows that in addition to his concern for the courts standing in history, he cannot allow another 5-4 vote split along party lines allowing Kennedy to either be a hero or a schmuck. Roberts will vote with the majority; he will write the opinion; and this decision will be praised for dcades as one of the most courageous decisons by the supreme court in a generation.

    Or…they will do exactly what everyone expects them to do and then everyone can hate them with good reason.

    • I wish I was this optimistic. I don’t think the conservatives on the bench care what public opinion of the court is… who do they have to answer to? They’re unelected and appointed for life.

      • Razor-Optimism is the only thing that keeps me from going completely insane with the wingnut stuff. Fox News accused the president of conspiracy to murder the child of a former president and nobody says a goddamn word. It’s just us buddy–it’s just us. Optimism helps…

      • Roberts cares more than the others do. It’s his court. He owns it, and he will not be unaffected by the notion that his place in history will be forever tarnished.
        i think he’ll see this as a way to at least partially redeem himself.

  • Guest

    Divide and conquer. Health insurers and pharmaceutical companies must be laughing themselves giddy, all the way to the bank.

    So…now that our government is totally in the control of corporations, wadda we do? We can’t even Occupy Wall Street.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    And yet, they don’t care, ‘cuz it’s all about LIBERTY! and FREEDOM! from the shackles of TYRANY! the evil government chained them to that everyone should be saved from. Stupid, stupid, stupid people!

    If people don’t stand up to this in the event that it gets overturned, there is no hope for America.

  • The problem with this “it will never happen to me” or even the “survival of the ‘fittest'” argument of healthcare, is that when it does happen to people, they change their tune because peoples’ minds change when actually faced with a problem – see all people who are against stem cell research until it benefits them or someone they know (forget someone they love, but just know). Also, I have heard the “survival of the “fittest'” in this debate from Ron Paulian types…Isn’t it just survival of the richest? Wouldn’t fittest just mean they we all just forgot about going to the doctor altogether and just let things each at us without treatment?

    • stacib23

      Yep. There is a state congressman in Georgia (I think) right now that is in hot water with the Tea Party for not voting for one of those stinkin’ abortion bills. It seems that his own daughter is pregnant with a child that is projected to die upon birth if the pregnancy is taken to term. The daughter is about 20 weeks pregnant, and the new “law” would make both her and her doctor a felon. I saw the guy speaking last night, and you should have heard the concern in his voice about women having the right to make their own choices. It took life happening to his daughter for him to exercise compassion to other women.

  • Dick Cheney would have used up a lifetime cap a long time ago. His first heart attack was at age 37. He NEVER would have gotten a heart transplant if not for his “government insurance”. Why is it good for them and bad for us?

    • ShitMcFuckensteinAVC

      Ironic. The party that is paranoid about poor people possibly getting some unearned entitlement never seem to recognize it amongst their own.

  • While it might sound callous, this is more disconcerting for the revelation of the partisan colours of the SCOTUS. Not like it was the world’s best secret (and Citizens United was a big tell, too) , but a big tenet of a US-style democracy is an impartial judiciary who can arbitrate over issues of the law without the appearance of bias. Without this, it’s hard to view the court as an arbiter of justice in any form, because precisely whose justice they’re dispensing comes into question.

    I’d be just as concerned if the SCOTUS suddenly decided to legalize transhumanism on the basis that the left wanted it, rather than on the basis of a fundamental human right to self-determination.

    I do feel bad that people won’t have access to good health insurance, Republican or not, but to be fair, what they’re getting reflects pretty closely the platform of those they elected. I just wish it didn’t mean increased stress on emergency rooms and the medical system — it’s not doing anything to keep costs down.

  • JackDaniel07

    Maddow was all over them again last night.
    Its time to start thinkiong of what we THE PEOPLE can do to shake up this kangaroo court.

    I think the President has ginormous balls just for calling them out as he has.
    OCCUPY needs to camp out in Scalia’s pants

  • ArrogantDemon

    Pain is the best educator

    But then again, I dont expect any introspection on their parts. They will lose all these benefits, then come around and blame Obama for taking it away, while cheering for SCOTUS to rip ObamaCare apart.

    • Exactly. The Right Wing Noise Machine will, out of whole cloth, blame Obama and the Democrats, and the sheeple will believe it — just like they’ve believed every other lie that’s been served up to them.

      • Steve Wright

        You’re absolutely right. If the ACA is thrown out, they’ll say it’s Obama’s fault for steamrolling over the GOP and ramming through a piece of fatally flawed legislation. Republicans will say, “How can this be OUR fault? Obama and the Dems shut us out!” I don’t understand why some people on the left think that overturning ACA will result in the GOP “owning” the problem.