Super Stupid

Everything is Stupid

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Reports from earlier this year that Trump was considering nominating former Pizza chain president and failed presidential candidate Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve's board were apparently true.

Trump is reportedly going to nominate Herman Cain as soon as a background check is completed.

President Donald Trump has decided to appoint former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain to a seat on the Federal Reserve Board, according to a report by Axios. The report, which quotes two senior administration officials, said Trump will wait until the background check is completed before making the formal announcement. Trump's interest in selecting Cain for the Fed was first reported in January.

I would like to sit here and say that a background check will reveal that Herman Cain is terminally stupid and was credibly accused of sexual harassment by four women, but this is the Trump regime.

Being a creepy idiot is not disqualifying. It's almost a requirement.

Nine nine nine.

  • muselet

    I suppose this was inevitable. Donald Trump can’t allow Stephen Moore to be the only Federal Reserve governor who doesn’t understand either fiscal or monetary policy. Moore might get lonely, sitting on his own while the grown-ups talk.

    But Herman Cain, of all people?



  • katanahamon

    Don’t you mean..” 0118 999, 88199, 9119 725…..3” ?

  • simpfan

    All of these Republican men get to keep popping up again and again, but Hillary Clinton needs to step aside and go away. Cool.

    • katanahamon

      I wish Hillary had run again instead of Bernie. Not that it’s a great idea, just that if Bernie has the narcissism to do so, being a loser, and one of the prime reasons Rump was elected, then why not Hillary…

      • Nefercat