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Evictions Soared at Sean Hannity’s HUD-Insured Apartments

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Is Fox News host Sean Hannity a slum lord?

The Guardian first reported last week that Hannity secured loans from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to buy rental properties and they now report that evictions soared by 400 percent(!) after Hannity bought one such property with help from HUD.

County court records say that judgments approving the removal of 61 different residents of the Hampton Place apartments in Perry (Georgia) have been issued during the three years and 10 months since Hannity took over.

The previous owner of the 152-unit apartment complex obtained similar orders against 12 different tenants during the preceding three years and 10 months, according to the records, before selling it to Hannity for almost $8m. [...]

Perry, which is in Houston County and about 100 miles south of Atlanta, has a population of about 16,200. According to the US census bureau, 22.6% of residents are living in poverty, compared with 16% of Georgia and 12.7% across the US. At $20,470 a year, Perry’s average income is about 31% lower than the US average.

A lawyer for Hannity told The Guardian that he is not involved in management of the property, but something tell me that's not the whole story. Orthodoxy starts at the top and Hannity would have hired the current managers of the property. From my experience, property managers can't even blow their nose without permission from the owner or parent company.

In any case, Hannity obtained these properties with a subsidized insurance policy from the Department of Housing and Urban Development which means these evictions have been indirectly carried out in the name of taxpayers.

At the same time, HUD Secretary Ben Carson is calling for tripling rent for poor Americans who receive federal housing subsidies.

  • muselet

    Christopher Reeves, an attorney for the Fox News host, said in an email: “Mr Hannity is not involved in the management of these properties. Evictions only occur after a material breach of the lease terms.”

    So the official line is that Sean Hannity isn’t involved in property mamagement.

    But wait:

    The court records state that 37 eviction orders were issued after tenants were taken to court by SPMK XVI Hampton, the Hannity-backed shell company that owns the complex. Another 24 were given in response to eviction actions by the property’s management company, which is co-owned by Hannity and his financial advisers.

    Hannity’s not involved in managing the property, except for the minor detail that he co-owns the management company. That sounds like an extremely fine distinction to me; Hannity isn’t sitting at a desk signing off on evictions, but that’s not the only relevant kind of involvement.

    Oh, and 37 + 24 = 61 evictions, in case anyone’s not counting.

    What’s personally depressing about this story is that I’m struggling to be shocked by any of it.


  • Aynwrong

    Apparently Hannity is a wannabe Jared Kushner. God, these people make me sick. Degenerates, the whole lot of them.

  • Draxiar