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Extraordinary Ignoramus Scott Walker Says Rape Stops Being a Concern After a While

At some point the idea that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is not a deft politician but is instead a fucking moron will catch on. I'm not sure if we've reached that point yet, but by my calculations, based on the amount of stupid shit he has said lately, we should reach that point soon.

Scott Walker says he will sign a 20-week abortion ban that includes no exceptions for rape or incest because rape is only a concern for a little while before women forget they're carrying a rapist's baby. Or something.

“I mean, I think for most people who are concerned about that, it’s in the initial months where they’re most concerned about it,” Walker said of pregnancies caused by rape and incest.

“In this case, again, it’s an unborn life, it’s an unborn child and that’s why we feel strongly about it,” Walker said. “I’m prepared to sign it either way that they send it to us.”

You can reset the clock on how long it's been since a Republican politician talked about rape when they really shouldn't have.

Walker recently said he signed mandatory ultrasounds into law because ultrasounds are a 'lovely and cool thing.'

Are Wisconsinites aware that they elected a zombie-eyed airhead?

  • JoyP

    I think more than a few Wisconsinites regret their vote. It will be another few years or so before any of them lack the ability to read and comprehend a sentence after high school dropouts teach them. Interesting state. I live in Illinois and even I’m glad I don’t live in Wisconsin.

  • RamOrgan

    Are Wisconsinites aware that they elected a zombie-eyed airhead?

    Many of us are. Evidently not enough because this moron has survived 3 elections.

    • RamOrgan

      Sorry, didn’t mean to offend morons.

  • muselet

    I don’t know why this comes to mind every time Scott Walker opens his pie hole.


  • Jebus Christ.

    See, once that adorable little baby pops out, then POOF the woman forgets all about that, uh, what was it that happened? Hmm. Nope, just don’t remember.