Farmers Lose Crops They Stored Because of Trump’s Trade War

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

As you may know, Trump's trade war with Mexico, Canada, and China forced American farmers to leave billions of tons of agriculture in storage through the winter because they couldn't sell it, but now many of them will never be able to sell it.

They'll never be able to sell it because the crops have been destroyed.

Many of the facilities that the agricultural industry uses to store crops sit along the Mississippi river which saw record-setting flooding in recent weeks that wiped out the crops in storage.

The USDA has no mechanism to compensate farmers for damaged crops in storage, Northey said, a problem never before seen on this scale. That's in part because U.S. farmers have never stored so much of their harvests, after years of oversupplied markets, low prices and the latest blow of lost sales from the U.S. trade war with China - previously their biggest buyer of soybean exports. [...]

Across the United States, farmers held soybean stocks of 2.716 billion bushels as of March 1, the largest on record for the time period, the USDA said on Friday. Corn stocks were the third-largest on record.

With farm incomes declining for years before the flood, many farmers had planned to sell their grain in storage for money to live, pay their taxes or finance operations, including planting this spring.

This is a perfect storm of conservative policy failure and Trumpism.

Record-setting flooding that was undoubtedly fueled by climate change swamped an area where farmers were storing crops while Trump flails through trade negotiations that he doesn't even understand.

If this doesn't convince Midwestern farmers than voting for Trump and Republicans in general was a big mistake, I don't know if anything will.

  • Christopher Foxx

    If this doesn’t convince Midwestern farmers than voting for Trump and Republicans in general was a big mistake, I don’t know if anything will.

    Nothing ever will. Because the hit to their livelihood’s and general worsening of their lives with each new policy Trump makes to strengthen the economy hissy fit Trump throws to prove his manhood will never outweight the desperate need they have to a) believe that it’s all some other group’s fault and b) never acknowledge they may have been wrong.

    Bigotry and self-righteousness uber alles!

  • swift_4


    I’m sorry. I’ve been saying and trying to live by my words for years that we need to be the people to take the high road. I’m just done. I hope every last Trump voter loses their farm, has to declare bankruptcy, and spends the rest of their lives working for Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby without benefits because they are only 35 hour a week “part-time” employees.

  • Wildson

    Racism will make them vote against their best interests, no doubt…

    • Christopher Foxx

      Of course. It’s worked so well for them so far. Or so they have, and will continue, to convince themselves.

      The alternative is to admit that maybe, just maybe, the liberals could have been right.

      And nothing will ever get them to admit that to themselves.

  • muselet

    So much winning. I wonder if farmers are bored yet with all the winning.


  • fry1laurie

    Farmers in the flooded areas will STILL vote for the prick. “He made ‘Murca great again!,” they told reporters while working at their second job, stocking shelves at the local supermarket.

    • Tony Lavely

      I do kinda wonder what there’s gonna be to stock, pretty soon.

  • Badgerite

    Boy. That’s a pretty good “hoax” those Chinese are pulling.

  • mnpollio

    Don’t hold your breath that they will see the light with these latest facts crashing into their bubble. The perfect storm of stupidity, hatefulness and ignorance ingrained into these Trumpers is pretty much insurmountable.

  • katanahamon

    Oh, but..there’s no such thing as global warming, and, the economy is just booming. The Mueller report totally exonerated Rump, the border crisis totally justifies the state of emergency, all the Dem candidates are losers and are being roundly criticized by the media, Trump 2020!

    Yeah, that’s what I’ve seen today. Joe Biden is already tanked for putting his arm around somebody, (cause Dems must be held to a certain standard) none of the female candidates can even buy press coverage, and Rump seems to be getting away with..everything. Maybe it’s the neck spasm on top of the chronic neck pain I already take three drugs for, or my lack of tax refund, but..I’m bumming out..severely. Topping it off this morning, I had a sarcastic comment removed at the Guardian (no bad language or anything!) while they allow anti vaxxers to comment freely, on an anti vax story. No wonder they’re about to implode themselves with Brexit…

    • Scopedog
      • katanahamon

        Yeah, sorry for being so negative. On the positive, my first baby English walnut tree arrived. I’ve decided to plant several, to leave behind some nice nut and wood bearing trees. Stark and Raintree are out of most stuff, but I found Grimo and..shoot, I forgot, oh, Tyty Nursery, Grimo is in Canada, they have a great selection. My apple trees are all semi dwarf, they just haven’t turned into trees that look like they’ll go much beyond twenty years.

        • Username1016

          Sounds like Candide: “Tend your own garden.” Sometimes that’s all we can do, or at least it makes a pleasant break.

  • Username1016

    And ON topic, we now have the price of beef going up because of all the calves that froze or drowned, and now, hm, is the price of grain and produce gonna go up too? This could suck for everyone, including vegetarians… Not just for farmers.

    • Draxiar

      Is it terrible that I have more sympathy for the cattle than I do for the ranchers?

      • Badgerite

        They, at least, are blameless.

  • Username1016

    Off topic, but do you think that when you illustrate a story with a picture of Drumpf, you could just photoshop a bag over his head? I am SO sick of looking at his ugly puss, whenever I’m reading about his latest fuckery…

    Honestly, there oughta be an app for that.

    • Draxiar

      I’m with you. I can’t look at him or any of his unholy trinity of children (Tiffany and Barron don’t get my ire), I can’t listen to his voice, I can’t read his tweets, and I find myself wanting really bad things to happen to him that will make his miserable life worse.