Fight! Fight!

And now we kick up our feet on our desks, grab a beer and enjoy...

With the battle won by the ultra-right in Delaware, the national conservative pundits who backed Christine O'Donnell in last night's GOP Senate primary have turned on a man who is presumably one of their own: Karl "The Architect" Rove. After Rove bemoaned O'Donnell's nomination as the end of the GOP's chances to take back the Senate in a heated interview with Sean Hannity last night, pundits and tea partiers have slammed him as a traitor and even called for Fox News to suspend him as an on-air analyst.

Remarkably, Rove is the sane one in all of this. Of course, he's missing the elephant in the room: Sarah Palin, who's meddling in all of this.

UPDATE: Media Matters has more exciting and hilarious details of the unfolding fight. Munchkinland resident Mark Levin is involved now. BLAM! BOOM!