Environment Open Thread Supreme Court

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Artist – Chan Lowe

In other news, the Supreme Court ruled today that the Environmental Protection Agency has a right to regulate pollution that crosses from one state into another.

Not surprisingly, suspected lizard-people Thomas and Scalia were the two dissenters.

  • Badgerite

    If the government can’t take action to regulate air pollution that crosses state lines, then the bottom line is that the government can’t take action to regulate air pollution. And the position of Scalia and Thomas fits in with a pattern with respect to their opinions of gutting federal legislation by judicial fiat. I believe they call that ‘judicial activism’. What Scalia used to rail against when he wasn’t in the majority. This is just like the Lily Ledbedder decision where the conservatives basically gutted non discrimination laws passed by Congress in terms of equal pay for women. Thankfully, they did not have the votes this time. Never underestimate the importance of the Courts.