Immigration Open Thread

Fiscal Responsibility


Artist – Pat Bagley

Representative Phil Gingrey (R-GA) is having real tough time in life, folks. He’s “stuck” making $172,000 per year when he could be making $500,000. Don’t you feel sorry for him?

NRO’s Jonathan Strong reports that Gingrey said that staff may not make a lot of money on Capitol Hill, “but in a few years they can just go to K Street and make $500,000 a year. Meanwhile I’m stuck here making $172,000.”


Meanwhile, you can reset the clock on the number of days since Iowa congressman and secret border control agent Steve King said something terrible. According to King, immigrants have killed “three thousand times” more people than terrorists did on 9/11.

  • feloniousgrammar

    Nine million. Wow.

    • Ipecac

      To be fair, he doesn’t actually think it’s nine million. He just sucks at multiplication.

  • Ipecac

    Speaking of federal salaries.

    I’m an attorney working for a federal agency for 23 years now. We are looking to hire a new attorney, someone three years out of law school, who works for a private firm.

    The new attorney, practicing for just three years, makes significantly more than I do. If she comes to our agency, her salary will be cut in half.

    Federal workers are overpaid my ass.

    (Note that I’m not complaining about my salary or bitching that I’m stuck here. I’m just pointing out the absolute backwardness of the conservative lie that federal workers are overpaid.)

  • Kavonde

    Honestly, King’s probably lowballing it. Immigrants waged a massive campaign of genocide and biological warfare here for over two centuries. This country’s really gone to hell since they started letting foreigners off their boats, man.