Fixed News

(Cartoonist - Rob Tornoe)

In other news, the city of Cleveland, Ohio is preparing for the GOP convention by buying 2,000 sets of riot gear. Welcome to Thunderdome with special guest Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the Marine Corps has discharged a man who was filmed at the Trump rally in Louisville, KY where a black student from UofL was pushed around and called racial slurs.

A Facebook page with the name “Joseph Pryor” had a screen-grab photo from the viral video at the Trump rally that showed a man yelling at a woman as she was being kicked out of the event.

The United States Marine Corps recruiting office said, effective March 2, Pryor had been discharged from their Delayed Entry Program, which is a program for Marine hopefuls getting them ready to ship out to boot camp.

That's the second time in 24 hours a wingnut asshole was incriminated by their own Facebook page.

Finally, failed Republican presidential candidate and esteemed doctor Ben Carson has accepted a new job as a political consultant. Carson will apparently be responsible for getting voters to the polls which is odd considering that he couldn't get anyone to vote for him.

Have a good weekend.

  • Aynwrong

    The Rabids Republicans may very well be in for their own 1968. Melt the butter and pass the popcorn, this could be a great show.


    It doesn’t surprise me in the least that racist thugs are being outed by their Facebook posts. I’ll go with the school of thought that Driftglass puts out regarding people like this. He calls them the “Tribe That Rubs Shit In It’s Hair.” Meaning that they are so used to only being surrounded by like minded, hateful fools they have no idea how repulsive and grotesque their ideas and view of the world actually is and how people outside their particular claque will react when coming into contact with them.

    Of course Ben Carson’s new job is in the Family Values industry. His presidential campaign was probably always intended as an application for Wingnut Welfare. That, and increased book sales.