F**k the Hallowed Ground

I'm not saying they should do that, of course. But they already have.

If Ground Zero is such a sacred location that needs to be protected from a religious facility several blocks away -- one that's not even on the literal ground -- and if the excuse is that the ground is sacred and "hallowed," then the intolerant fire-eaters need to go all the way and guarantee the solemnity of the place.

But I'm sure we won't see Sarah Palin bitching about the shopping mall that's being built within the actual ground. Literally in the ground. A shopping mall! Not two blocks away. Not above the ground inside the new tower. In it. In the ground.

The below-grade concourses will include approximately 55,000 square feet of retail space and connect to an extensive transportation and retail network...

Excellent. Americans can honor the fallen heroes and citizens -- while trying on tankinis at Juicy Couture! Personally, I can't wait to try on pants inside the Ground Zero Gap.

Meanwhile, there are shopping malls being built on the hallowed ground of Virginia's Civil War battlefields, and I can assure you Sarah Palin hasn't weighed-in on Twitter about any of that -- even though her clout might be helpful in restoring the fields and tearing down the Targets and Walmarts there. Where are these self-proclaimed patriots when it comes to that? Oh, that's right. There aren't evildoers or brown people to demagogue in those disputes.