Florida School Board Votes for Transgender Bathroom Ban

The Marion County School Board in Ocala, Florida has voted by a margin of 4 to 1 to implement a ban on transgender bathroom use with no exceptions.

Words apparently have no meaning in Ocala where one member of the school board said the ban is necessary for reasons.

Besides Stacy, the other board members who supported the ban were Carol Ely, Kelly King and Angie Boynton. Board Chairman Bobby James said he did not want to create an official resolution, especially since only a few weeks are left in the school year.

Ely said that transgender students should not have the “choice of the day” in terms of which restroom they will use. “I thought about it and that's reverse discrimination,” she said.

She "thought about it" and that's what she came up with.

It's "reverse discrimination" against who exactly? Against cisgender students?

Members of the board reportedly said they "did a lot of research" before voting in favor of the ban. That's hard to believe given that there isn't a single documented case of a transgender student assaulting someone in the bathroom anywhere in the entire country. You'd think their "research" would have turned that up unless their study material consisted exclusively of right wing claptrap and propaganda.

Their "research" evidently also did not also clue them in to the fact that these bans are unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment at least as far as the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in D.C. is concerned.

  • swift_4

    The only positive thing that you can take out of this new wave of garbage is that the right wing is running out of groups to oppress and things to take away from them. They’re down to transgenders and bathrooms. The fight still needs to be fought, but we know what the results are.

  • Badgerite

    What she means, of course, is that “these students” shouldn’t have their choice of gender. Which of course …..they don’t. That is the whole point. Let the lawsuits begin.

  • muselet

    The ACLU of Florida warned the school board they were violating Title IX and could well lose federal funding, which is objectively true.

    Cue the Grand Parade of Stupid …

    Board member Nancy Stacy said before the meeting that she will hold strong that the bathroom ban is necessary.

    “I do not agree with them (ACLU),” Stacy said. In connection with the court ruling in Virginia, Stacy said “it is another example of an overreaching federal government.”

    How dare the federal government protect people we find icky?

    {Board member Angie] Boynton said the bathroom was needed for the safety for all of the students.

    “Sometimes we need to stand up for all of our children,” Boynton said.

    All except the ones we find icky.

    Superintendent George Tomyn said the board should wait if they wanted this to be a rule, or policy, and that they were not following proper protocol. Stacy said this was not a rule, but a resolution as a statement to the community.

    Somewhere in the Afterlife, Henry Martyn Robert weeps into his mint julep.

    [Local veterinarian and anti-trans whiner who started this kerfuffle Hal] Phillips is being represented by the Liberty Council, which contends that there is no Florida law that affords the transgender students the right to choose a bathroom.…

    In a letter to the School District in March, Liberty Counsel argued that transgender students do not have any legal rights in Florida.

    Because they’re icky. The existence of icky people violates the clear meaning of the Mumble-mumble Amendment. You could look it up.

    “There is no legal mandate requiring the district to override the privacy rights of students and concerns of parents, by permitting gender-confused (or attention-seeking) students to inappropriately use restrooms and facilities reserved for the opposite sex,” wrote Roger K. Gannam, a Liberty Counsel attorney. “No school district has ever lost federal funding for maintaining gender-appropriate facilities, despite the claims of activists.”

    “Past performance does not guarantee future results.”

    Gannam, wrote that “students with gender confusion who truly believes he or she is the opposite sex should be treated with care, compassion, and kindness, but must not be officially affirmed in his or her confusion, no matter how sincerely-held.”

    Gannam also stated that the district should discipline all students who bully any other student, including transgender students.

    Icky people are the real bullies, with their provocative existing and intimidating bodily functions!

    I think the Marion County School Board is going to find this a very expensive … erm … resolution as a statement to the community.


    • ninjaf

      As well they should. I just feel bad that the students will suffer from this because their education funds will be re-purposed into defending this atrocious “resolution.”