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Four Score and Seven Years Ago, Trump Pledged to Sue Women as President

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held at a rally at Gettysburg over the weekend where the party of Lincoln was unceremoniously beaten like a dead horse.

Trump told the crowd that during his first 100 days as president of the United States, he will file a series of lawsuits against the nearly dozen women who've accused him of sexually assaulting or harassing them.

“All of these liars will be sued after the election,” Trump claimed, alleging that the 10 women who have so far accused him of unwanted advances came forward “to hurt my campaign.” [...]

“We’ll find out about their involvement at a later date through litigation,” Trump charged.

“I’m looking so forward to doing that,” the Republican nominee told the approving crowd.

Pro-Trump advertisements that have been running here in Ohio have billed Trump as the "change" candidate which I suppose is correct because having a president who files lawsuits against women he assaulted would be quite a change. To the best of my knowledge, we've never had a president or even a nominee who has pledged to embroil the nation in a sex scandal immediately after taking office.

He may say otherwise but, even if he were elected, Trump isn't going to sue anyone. Suing these women would require going through lengthy discovery processes and probably entail the publication of unreleased footage from The Apprentice and other shows that media companies have refused to release.

Suing these women would cement his reputation as a crude sexual predator (among other things), not dispel it.

In related news, adult film star Jessica Drake also came forward over the weekend to say that Trump kissed her without asking and offered her $10,000 for sex in 2006. At this point one may wonder just how many times Trump has cheated or attempted to cheat on his wife Melania.

  • Aynwrong

    The Party of Family Values™, Personal Responsibility© and Common Sense® has just been perfectly represented by a one Donald J Trump.

    Never let it be said otherwise.

  • And conservatives question why the women waited until now to talk about it?!?! Everyone knows about Trump’s litigious nature. No one would want to challenge a multi-millionaire in court. Money, not righteousness, wins in our civil system. Period. Dot. And Trump knows it. Please note that his is also his way of threatening anyone else who is considering on coming forward. It would be really nice for 1) a male witness to step forward, and 2) for the left to support these women, if and when, he tries to sue them. Like Ashby says, I don’t think he will but Trump’s proven our predictions wrong before so who the hell knows.

  • I so look forward to doing this. We’ll file all of these lawsuits against these women, and the newspapers that haven’t endorsed me, and Access Hollywood, in a single night. We’ll also go after those Republicans who pulled their endorsements. And the Singhs. And Rosie O’Donnell. It will be quite a night, let me tell you. It’ll be so huge that afterwards we’ll issue a set of commemorative cutlery, long blades, in order to remember the purge that will occur. We’ll call it the Night of the Long Daggers maybe. Something like that.

  • muselet

    Donald Trump doesn’t want to win this election. Or maybe he’s decided he won’t win.

    Regardless, he’s started to concentrate on his excuses: the election’s rigged, the media won’t tell the truth about him, the women accusing him of boorish behavior are lying to hurt him, the “real” polls show him winning. Josh Marshall ran a meditation this morning on Trump’s changed behavior and concluded he’s either “preemptively managing the shame of defeat” or “slinking out of any sense he ever really cared.”

    On the one hand, it’s good to see reality finally pierce Trump’s bubble. On the other hand, the damage his campaign has done will haunt us for generations.


    • Badgerite

      Well. He pointed up issues that need work in our society. It was sort of a “Houston, we have a problem” moment. What it means is we have to start working on these issues. It will be one of the great tasks of the next administration. To get any many groups as possible in this country on the same page as to what we want for the future of this country and the world and how to get there. For everyone. George Will used to talk of the “Balkanization” of the country in terms of Spanish/English language options. And now he has left the Republican party. I could have told him long ago that the policies that were worrisome had nothing to do with dual language ballots or documents. It had to do with people like Patrick Buchanan. It had to do with Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy’. And the infamous Powell Memo.
      Kevin Drum had a shout out on his twitter to a Pat Buchanan rant. The culture wars that Buchanan helped to get start are close to over. And they lost. The resentment is palpable.

      • muselet

        I’m not willing to give Donald Trump credit for anything positive (well, he’s a symptom of a larger problem, but that’s not the same thing), but your mileage may vary.

        I ignore twitter the way I ignore reality television (completely and effortlessly), so I have no idea what Kevin Drum tweeted, but on his blog he didn’t exactly endorse Pat Buchanan’s attempt to defend Trump (“lunatic” isn’t a flattering word).

        Trump is following in Buchanan’s bootsteps by honking on about immigrants! and Mexicans! and, more recently, the African Americans and the Latinos; in other words, everyone who doesn’t look or sound like a Northern European. Me, I find that un-American, but I’m one of those people who’s saddled with a conscience, unlike Combover Caligula and Pitchfork Pat.

        Alas, the various rifts in our society—mostly created by the Right, it seems to me—will take a fair amount of time to heal. Perhaps a Roger Ailes-less Fox News Channel will help, but the alt-Right arseholes already think FNC is part of the liberalmedia, so probably not.

        A good dose of sanity would be a good thing for the country right about now.


        • Badgerite

          Kevin Drum just linked to his article which panned Buchanan, of course. Kevin Drum has no use for Pat Buchanan and his crazy old white guy shit. What I mean is not the the Trump Monster has done anything good. I don’t think he is capable of that. If that ever occurred it would have to be an accident. No, I meant that hopefully we dodged a bullet this time because the Trump Monster besides having the temperament of a fascist ( he has no ideology so that doesn’t even apply but he certainly has a fascist temperament) is also an incompetent Orange Boob. What if the same message was put out by someone a little less, how shall we say…..revolting, it might sell. And that is a problem. The Trump Monster may go away but the people who supported him and the party which enabled him are not. We have a problem in the system that can’t be ignored. It has to be dealt with. People are entitled to their own political beliefs and opinions. They are not entitled to complete fabrications of fact. So there are institutional problems here having to do with the new media as an institution and the GOP as a political party. We have become balkanized as a nation and that is never good. It will be Hilary Clinton’s task to try to close that divide somewhat. That’s all I meant. I didn’t mean to imply anything good about the Trump Monster since as far as I can tell there isn’t anything good there. Maybe he has nice grand kids. Who knows.