Fox News Didn’t Get The Memo On Moderation

Several elected Republicans pushed back today against Mitt Romney's argument that President Obama won by giving "gifts" to minorities, but Fox News apparently didn't get the memo and they're running wild with the Makers vs Takers meme.

Watch Varney and Kilmeade speak about giving "goodies" and "handouts" to people in exchange for votes.

Varney: Look over here. What position are we in in American today? I say we're just getting started. We're throwing the handouts out left right and center.

Kilmeade: Mitt Romney mentioned that yesterday. He says he couldn't win because all these other people are giving things away.

Varney: Buying votes with taxpayer money. Handouts all over the place.


Varney: The president thinks that if you tax the top 2 percent some more, you will pay for all the goodies, all the handouts that we've got going.

Kilmeade: There's not a single person who knows how to add that beleives it'll make any significant difference...

Does Brian Kilmeade know how to add?

ABC News acquired audio of the Romney conference call Stuart Varney and Brian Kilmeade are referring to wherein he derided the president for giving "gifts" to his base

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Claiming Democrats won by giving gifts, goodies, and handouts to voters who seemingly don't want to take responsibility for themselves is simply the "47 percent" by another name. And as per usual, the GOP seems to have decided it was their delivery that was flawed, not the message itself.

While they weren't talking about giving "goodies" and "handouts" to people today, Fox was discussing Latino voters by displaying images of illegal border crossings.

Chez said it best today when he described this as a business decision on Fox's part.

What’s interesting, though, is that for Ailes and Fox News, the decision to continue throwing gasoline on the fires of white fury is strictly a business one. There was, again, a lot of hemming and hawing last week about how conservative media did such a disservice to its audience by reinforcing the epistemic information bubble most of it lives in in the lead-up to the election. But there’s money in blowing that bubble up once again, this time potentially even bigger and stronger, and that’s got to be the primary consideration. Fox News has never been more powerful than when it’s been the blaring voice of opposition. The last four years have been a boon to it and I doubt the next four will be any different.

The problem for Republicans seeking reelection or higher office in the near future is that Fox News has a much larger audience and wields much greater power over the conversation than any single conservative politician. And if anyone on the right side of the aisle is going to issue a memo on how to cover a situation, it'll be Fox delivering the orders.

It only took one week for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to be demoted from future king of the GOP to someone you don't want to be caught associating with because he had the audacity to cooperate with the Obama administration following one of the worst disasters New Jersey has ever seen.

If Fox News continues to select candidates for the Republican party, the party will never change. There's too much money to be made in maintaining the status quo.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    “Does Brian Kilmeade know how to add?”

    Answer: No! Brian Kilmeade can’t even do basic grade 3 math.

  • muselet

    There’s always a danger in providing a simple explanation to a complex problem. Especially if you’re Stuart Varney.

    Europe is not running out of money. What they have is an internal trade imbalance and wildly varying levels of economic stability, and a common currency which keeps the countries in the Eurozone from doing currency revaluation. This situation has been exacerbated by the weak global economy, which has been made worse by the very austerity measures championed by the likes of Varney.

    The United States is not running out of money. (By definition, the US can’t run out of money, and oh by the way, US debt is valued in US dollars.) What we have is an imbalance in revenues in and expenditures out, an imbalance exacerbated by the weak economy which the Rs have steadfastly refused to do anything to help, a refusal championed by the likes of Varney.

    But somehow, none of that matters. No, no, what matters is that the middle classes and below must lose their safety net so the upper classes don’t have to pay any more income taxes.

    Stuart Varney is an idiot. Anyone who believes more than one word out of a thousand that he speaks is an even bigger idiot than he is; Brian Kilmeade hung on Varney’s every word.


    • “Anyone that believes more than word out of a thousand that he speaks is an even bigger idiot dick than he is”

      Fixed that fer ya!

  • D_C_Wilson

    Fox is really driving the narrative of the republican “soul searching”, if that’s what you can call it, as they struggle with how they could have lost to the Kenyan usurper as second time.

    I mean, it certainly can’t be the constant race baiting and rampant sexism that permeated the campaign and Fox gleefully promoted. Nah.

    It was just too many non-whites voting for free stuff.

    I think there’s also quite a bit of wishful thinking here. Fox had conservatives convinced that 2008 was an aberration and that the percentage of non-white male evangelical Christian heterosexual voters would go back to “normal” this year, especially with all their voter suppression, I mean anti-voter fraud initiatives. Now, they have to convince themselves that 2016 will be better and all those scary minorities will just go away.

  • rob black

    It’s funny, I used to think of Fox News as being nothing more than the media arm of the Republican party, but in actuality, the Republican party is really nothing more now than the political arm of Fox News.
    The day begins with the various talking points and narrative distributed among the talking heads at Fox. It is repeated throughout the day, and by that afternoon, regurgitated almost verbatim by republicans on the hill.
    We don’t even have to mention how many of the various repub field from the last two Presidential elections are now or have been paid staff at Fox…or that the leading contributor to the party was on the panel election night.
    This entire Benghazi nothing burger, was prepared, cooked up and is being re-heated and served up daily by Fox, distributed through their waiters on capital hill.
    Ailes and Murdoch create the narrative…and hand it over to McCain, Boner….the whole bunch march in lick step.
    Romney’s little racist “gifts” tirade, could have been written entirely from Billo’s script from the previous week.
    There is nothing comparable on the media left, because there is no entity like Fox to actually dictate the narrative.
    We don’t have a two party system. There are not democrats and republicans. There are democrats and Fox.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Bill-O is sounding more and more like Pat Buchanan these days.

    • Brutlyhonest

      You’re close. Neither fnc nor the republican party sets the agenda. One is the propaganda wing and the other is the action wing of the truly wealthy and powerful.

  • I love how they harp on austerity and how everyone must cut back but also argue raising taxes on the rich won’t solve anything, no those ppl need to left alone but you poor and middle class ppl have to give up your “goodies” and “free gifts” but pay no attention to the millionaires and billionaires they’ve sacrificed enough…simple rationale for simple minds

    • Also notice how they’re ignoring the fact that Europe has slipped back into Recession because of the austerity approach. At least I heard today that is what happened via Charles Schwab. They tell the lies that people love to swallow and if that hurts the US as a whole, who cares, right? Fox got theirs, screw everyone else.

      • Zen Diesel

        But if we don’t go the austerity route, we will become the next Spain or Greece….lol, “my 3rd favorite talking point from the elections”

    • D_C_Wilson

      And keep those corporate subsidies and big defense contracts flowing!

      • Joke a friend told me yesterday:
        Q: How do you starve a farmer?
        A: Glue his mailbox shut.

        Maybe some of those God-fearing, NI-CLANG! hating folks in the rural areas should practice what they preach and stop sucking that Big Gummint Farm Subsidy teat.

  • i_a_c

    I wonder, who is it looking for goodies and handouts? Not Mitt Romney’s donors, looking for a reduction in the top marginal tax rate, lowering the corporate tax rate, and eliminating the estate tax and capital gains tax.

    Who is waging class warfare, exactly? Not Mitt Romney and Fox News and company who demean the working poor (read: “the coloreds”) as moochers at every opportunity.

    If Fox viewers want to continue living this lie without looking in the mirror, they can go right ahead. Because it worked out so well for them in 2012.