Fox Continues To Target Children

Fox News just can't stop targeting that 11-year-old girl from the president's town hall. As I wrote in my Huffington Post column this week, Fox News is surely aware of its reactionary wingnut audience and all of the accompanying violence that appears to be percolating around the fringes. And yet they continue to accuse this child of being a sort of co-conspirator with the White House in this ridiculous charge of a "socialist-fascist-Nazi" takeover.

Here's the online article where the girl's name, her mother's full name and the family's home town are all mentioned above the fold along with a picture of the girl:


Based on this information, it took me all of three minutes to ascertain their home address via just two commonly visited websites. I imagine there are a few right-wing extremists who can find their way around the internet as well.

Repeating: Fox News Channel and some of the ringleaders in the far-right wingnuttosphere need to chip in and finance a private security detail for the Hall family until all of this blows over.

This kind of "reporting" is inexcusable. And based on my cursory knowledge of criminal law, couldn't this be considered reckless endangerment?