Georgia GOP Candidate: Actually, Bump Stocks Are Good for Safety

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Bump-stocks are devices that convert a semi-automatic weapon into a fully-automatic weapon by literally bumping against your shoulder during recoil, as the name implies, to simulate rapid fire.

The Las Vegas shooter was able to kill nearly 60 people and wound hundreds of others in just 10 minutes by using rifles with bump-stocks attached to them, but Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams says the shooter's bump-stocks actually protected the victims.

“The tragedy in Las Vegas broke my heart, but any talk of banning or regulating bump stocks is merely cheap political lip service from career politicians,” Williams said in a statement. “In reality, the bump stock is the new, shiny object politicians are using to deceive voters into believing they are taking action against gun violence.”

“Many firearms experts determined the Las Vegas shooter’s use of a bump stock actually prevented more casualties and injures due to its inconsistency, inaccuracy, and lack of control,” he claimed. “There is zero evidence that banning bump stocks would prevent any gun violence deaths.”

Obviously, inaccuracy doesn't mean jack shit when you're firing into a tight crowd of people. You could fire while blindfolded and still kill dozens when you're using a fully-automatic weapon from an elevated position.

Congress has not made any moves to ban bump-stocks in the wake of the worst mass shooting in modern history and I don't expect they will. And it's not just about the NRA's money. We've simply elected too many people like state Senator Michael Williams whose heads are so far up their asses they can't see daylight.

  • Aynwrong

    The point these people drive me too so reliably.

  • Not mention the fact that the angle at which he was shooting, many of the bullets hit people, went through them, then hit the concrete the crowd was standing on and ricocheted hitting even more people. What mattered in this instance was the number and the rapidity of bullets he was able to fire and the bump stock definitely helped with that. This Williams guy needs to STFUSTFD

    • Tony Lavely

      What’d’ya mean, bringing SCIENCE into a 2nd amendment discussion? /snark

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    “In reality, the bump stock is the new, shiny object politicians are using to deceive voters into believing they are taking action against gun violence.”

    I’m glad the candidate and I can agree: Our energy would be far better spent performing better background checks on potential buyers, establishing a national gun registry, and mandating firearm safety training.

    • Aynwrong

      Exactly. Forget bump stocks. Let’s ban the things their designed to “enhance.”

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