Georgia Governor Thrown Under Exceptionally Large Bus

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

CNN Reported yesterday that both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence called Georgia Governor Brian Kemp on Tuesday night and expressed support for his decision to quickly reopen the state's economy before they publicly opposed the decision on Wednesday evening.

According to the Associated Press, Trump's treachery is even worse than previously reported.

Kemp talked to Trump and Pence before he made the announcement, not just after.

The green light from Pence and Trump came in separate private conversations with the Republican governor both before Kemp announced his plan to ease coronavirus restrictions and after it was unveiled on Monday, the officials said. [...]

“I told the governor of Georgia Brian Kemp that I disagree strongly with his decision to open certain facilities,” Trump said Wednesday, just a day after telling reporters that he trusted Kemp’s judgment. “He knows what’s he’s doing.”

On Thursday, he was even harder on the governor: “I wasn’t happy with Brian Kemp, I wasn’t at all happy.

If Kemp had even an ounce of dignity, he would hold a press conference and tell the public that Trump told him to reopen the state's economy before he made the decision, but he doesn't and he won't. For whatever reason, Republicans are more than willing to prostrate themselves for Trump even as he humiliates them; even as he doesn't give them a single reason to remain loyal.

The political party that brands themselves as a party of tough guys who ain't afraid of no ghosts (or viruses) won't even stand up for themselves.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that members of Governor Kemp's own coronavirus task force did not know about his decision to reopen the state's economy until it had already been announced, but the White House reportedly knew about it beforehand.

Some businesses are allowed to reopen in the state of Georgia as of today, but it remains to be seen how many will actually do so. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms is publicly urging people to stay home, but she cannot put the force of law behind it. It's Kemp's decision.

Everyone who works with Trump is eventually humiliated.

  • David Greenberg

    Kemp deserves the biggest bus available. This jackass is the governor of a state. Beggars belief.

  • muselet

    George W Bush tended to believe the arguments of last person he’d spoken to, so his aides constantly vied to be his last appointment of the day.

    Donald Trump also believes the last person to tell him something, but his decisions only last until someone else talks to him. In this case, he and Mike Pence decided to approve Brian Kemp’s plan to kill more Georgians, a decision which held until either public-health experts told him it was a terrible idea (unlikely, he doesn’t listen to them) or until his reelection campaign told him he’d share the blame if things went badly (very likely).

    Kemp could have come away from this with only a slight ding to his numbers, but he’s decided to persist and lift restrictions. His political future depends on Georgians not dropping like flies, which is not a bet any thinking politician would take.

    I wonder what Kemp will do, after his government career is a pile of flaming wreckage.


  • Draxiar

    I just hope the people of Georgia have the good sense to ignore their yickadoo governor.