Republican Party

Get Ready to Be Sued

Huffington Post:

Pima County [Arizona] Sheriff Clarence Dupnik ... called the law "racist" and "disgusting" and "stupid" and, in his "nuanced judgment" could not be enforced without mandatory racial profiling. Dupnik's reckoning of the legal issue is that he's just as likely to be sued for racial profiling as he is for not doing enough racial profiling, so he's standing pat, and will not enforce the new law.

Sheriff Dupnik should prepare to be sued by a wide variety of wingnuts who, under the new law, can sue police officers for not adequately enforcing the anti-Hispanic law. Perhaps a legal defense fund is in order.

Adding... Can you imagine the black codes and neo-slavery era laws if the police were coerced under threat of lawsuit to enforce the rounding up of African Americans?