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Giuliani Screws 9/11 Families to Support Murdoch

Mr. 9/11, who owes his entire career to the chaotic death and destruction of that day, couldn't wait to betray the victims of those terrorist attacks in lieu of supporting his benefactors at News Corp:

"Give people the presumption of innocence," Giuliani told CNN's Candy Crowley in New Hampshire on Thursday. "I think that just how high up it goes is a big question and one we shouldn't be jumping to conclusions about" ...

Giuliani maintained confidence in his longtime friend despite allegations that the News of the World tabloid may have hacked the phones of September 11, 2001, terror attack victims in New York City. Giuliani was mayor of the city at the time of the attacks.

"He's a very honorable, honest man," the former mayor said. "This can't be something that he would have anything to do with."

He's just a perpetually disgusting wet fart of a man.