Glenn Beck and Toady Defend Bank of America

While playing a tape of protester whose house is being foreclosed upon, Glenn Beck and his soundalike toady shout at the protester to "get a job!"

It's just that easy, isn't it? Get a job. Just... go get one. Because there are all kinds of jobs just waiting to be filled right now, right? Glenn, you bastard?

You have no idea what this woman's circumstances are, Glenn. Maybe she has a job already but became trapped in a balloon loan where the payments begin to reset at much higher levels over time. You have no idea what sorts of coercive techniques were being used to ensnare people in these bad loans. After all, not everyone has a staff of hundreds of disciples vetting every piece of paper that crosses through their inbox (or writing their books for them).

But good job, Glenn -- with your $32 million salary, earned by scamming your viewers and listeners into buying your array of carnival trinkets -- good job defending Bank of America against an ordinary American citizen who, by the way, might be a Glenn Beck fan. Who knows? The foreclosure crisis doesn't discriminate between left and right.

And as for Pat Gray, your jive deejay morning zoo toady? I hope it itches. A lot.