Glenn Beck Goes Full Eliminationist

Glenn Beck is a scam artist, to be sure. When he's going all punch-me-face over farfetched conspiracy theories, he's more or less harmless. But when, in the name of his act/scam, he revisits an issue in which someone has already acted out violently, Beck should absolutely be sanctioned for it.

As you might recall, Beck began to attack a little-known progressive group called the Tides Foundation. No one, including me and nearly everyone I know, had any clue what Tides was or that it even existing. But Beck plunked Tides into the center of one of his Commie Conspiracy flowcharts and beat that drum every day. Shortly after Beck began his Tides attacks...

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The Tuolumne County man arrested a shootout with California Highway Patrol officers on I-580 in Oakland early Sunday was reportedly heading to San Francisco to target individuals at liberal nonprofit the Tides Foundation and the ACLU, according to Oakland police spokesperson Jeff Thomason.

Byron Williams, 45, a resident of Groveland, released from the hospital and booked into Santa Rita Jail early Tuesday, Thomason said. He was arraigned Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. in Alameda County Superior Court.

And today, Glenn Beck addressed the Tides Foundation using the following eliminationist language:

"I'm coming for ya on the battlefield of ideas."

I can't describe how irresponsible this is. And, to repeat, it's part of his shtick! He's simply bullshitting all of this crap for the sake of building his little wingnut televangelist empire.

How any business can be associated with this bastard as an advertiser is beyond me. He's dangerous, and, if I was one of his advertisers, I wouldn't want my business to be aboard the Glenn Beck Crazy Train when something very serious happens.