Glenn Beck Scams Woman Out of $800

I missed this the other day, but thankfully Amanda at Pandagon included it in a post about Beck. Listen to this:

Here we have a woman who received a tax cut from the recovery act (stimulus) and Glenn Beck is telling her to send it back. Why? I'm not sure. Even though he speaks super-slowly, it's difficult to understand the justification for returning the money to the government. However, it sounds like Beck wants this obviously middle class woman who earns, jointly with her husband, somewhere in the middle five-figures, to send the money back because the president will be reminding Americans about where it came from (which he actually did in his weekly address yesterday).

In other words: return the tax cut because this president gave it to you.

Unbelievable. And I'm getting emails from Beck supporters denying the notion that Beck is scamming them out of their money.

Amanda writes:

Here’s what I’m thinking is going on: The woman has been trained by right wing media to be so paranoid that she can’t emotionally handle the fact that her refund check was bigger because of the Obama tax cuts, especially since that caused her to feel a pang of gratitude towards Obama, who she know she’s supposed to hate. And she wants to disbelieve her own eyes, but I’m guessing that her obsession with getting a treadmill comes straight from a doctor telling her that’s what she needs to do or else she may be facing even more serious health problems---she mentions that she’s on oxygen, and I think she’s really torn. And she could really use that money. And Beck basically demands that she choose loyalty to right wing media and to paranoid hatred of Obama over her own health and well-being.

It's insane. It's really just insane. Beck is telling her to give up the money and better health because the money came from an Obama tax cut. Actually, I'm shocked he didn't insist she use the money to buy some of his conveyor-belt crap.