Election 2012

Go Chris Matthews!

Here's Chris Matthews just hammering Reince Priebus on Mitt Romney's race-baiting. And, naturally, Tom Brokaw, Joe and Mika totally wuss out.

Adding... You know what also drives me nuts? When people who host political debate shows get concerned and upset whenever there's actual political debate. What the hell kind of business are we in? We debate, we argue. Mika got that squinty, pained look on her face when things became heated. Seriously? Take a look at the lower third of the screen and remind yourself that you're not hosting a prayer group. It's politics! Also, the European line from Priebus is a total lie. "Obamacare" was based a little bit on liberal healthcare policy, but chunks of it came from -- gasp! -- Romneycare! Anyway, I wish more members of the press had the kind of guts and tenacity Matthews displayed here. More please.

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  • RilesSD

    Looking forward to your column on political shows shying away from debates. I’ve been complaining about that for years.

    The other thing that I hate is when a good debate gets going they end the segment due to time. It’s a fucking 24 hour news channel! Bump your next stupid segment and let the discussion/debate continue. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by Stern — who will let an interview or bit go on for hours if it’s good radio — but I think the news channels would provide great content if some of their shows had some flexibility to extend or cut short their pre-planned segments.

  • Brokaw with some “both sides” weak sauce. So lame of him.

  • If I remember correctly, wasn’t the Affordable Care Act based on ideas from conservatives, not Europeans? I seem to remember a reference to the Heritage Foundation.

    It was infuriating to hear Brokaw throw in the ‘both sides do it’ meme.

    And I just wanted to shake Mika!

    Good for Chris Matthews!

  • D_C_Wilson

    When exactly did Europe become the source of all evil in the GOP?

  • Mika Bryszynski is a useless bubblehead. She contributes nothing to that show. Chris Matthews acting like a responsible journalist–more of that times a thousand.

  • joseph2004

    If Matthews didn’t see racism everywhere anyway, maybe more people would listen. As it is, using the “You’re using the race card” card is so entrenched in far-left wing DNA, it’s like the boy who cried “Wolf!”

    The media has been drumming it into the public’s brain for two years that “we don’t know who Romney is.” And yet, liberals seem to “know” that Romney is a chronic, diabolical racist (no evidence), a tax cheat (no evidence), rich (must be something sinister in there somewhere), a family man (yeah, sure, it’s all a lie), a Mormon (obviously hates women), a flip-flopper (never mind Obama’s sudden “evolution” on something so obviously simple as gay marriage), secretive (never mind – we don’t really “know” much about Obama either. He’s supposed to be the smartest President ever. Bob Cesca said so! So, prove it, Mr. President. Let’s see those college transcripts), ran Bain (therefore responsible for laying some people off here and there and some off shoring, like that’s so odd), ran Bain (was likely culpable for a laid off worker’s wife’s death – five or six years later), ran Bain (out of touch with everything but that which, of course, we need him for – the economy, jobs…), an immigrant hater (even though Romney has never suggested that immigration per se is in any way bad for the US of A. He has said the illegal immigration is not good for the US, but liberals routinely lie to themselves that legal and illegal are the same thing – laws are so yesterday).
    And Ann Romney, why, she’s the craziest of them all, and a racist, too! Didn’t she use the term “you people” when referring to the prying press?
    On and on and on….


    Mitt Romney is right about one thing. All this shit is meant to do one thing: distract away from the fact that Obama is treading water. Historically speaking, where past presidents found themselves mired in crapy economies, Obama shouldn’t have a chance. But I’ll give it to his campaign team; they know how to create all sorts of irrelevant accusations and distractions. And the American people are just distracted enough themselves anyway to go along with it.

    You know, if Mitt Romney had allowed his literary agent to publish a bio of him having been born anywhere but the United States, even if it was just a so-called “mistake,” we’d never hear the end of it. For some reason, Obama seemed to be A-OK with his bio stating he was born in Kenya, at least until he ran for public office. It’s a good bet that Obama has always used fabrication to advance himself. The literary bio is just one example. Made-up acquaintances, false accounts of how he met his wife.

    But never mind. Inquiring is prying. We can trust him.

    Ya, sure, you betcha.

    Mitt Romney’s been no more secretive, or protective of his privacy, than Barack Obama, and yet with zero evidence at all, we’re to believe that Mitt Romney is the one we can’t trust.

    I’d like to hear Chris Matthews address the very real issue of who the quiet, secretive, flip-flopping Barack Obama really is. A true, “gutsy” reporter wouldn’t stop at “It’s rude to pry.” But Chris Matthews is running interference for the President. There’s nothing objective in Chris Matthews, which makes his rant all the more ridiculous.

    I won’t bore you again until after the elections in November. I suspect this goofball country just might re-elect Obama. I don’t know why they would, but in any case all you vitreolic, Republican-hating, race-baiting, name-calling, finger-pointing, uncompromising, intolerant crazy people can take some comfort that my vote for president, to be cast in Minnesota, won’t mean a thing.

    • We accept your concession.

    • i_a_c

      Will there ever be a RWer that comes to this blog without a laundry list of strawmen to knock down? Probably not.

    • rob black

      “I don’t know why they would, but in any case all you vitreolic, Republican-hating, race-baiting, name-calling, finger-pointing, uncompromising, intolerant crazy people can take some comfort that my vote for president, to be cast in Minnesota, won’t mean a thing.”

      After reading that load of projectionist crap…..I will, in fact take great comfort in that….
      P.S. Your name wouldn’t be Bachmann would it?

    • joseph, this is just pitiful, even for you.

      Rest easy in knowing that Ann and Mitt Romney’s contempt for the little people certainly includes joseph2004.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      And with that typed out diahhrea coming from your contemptible, ignorant, racist mind and soul of yours joeycrybaby, is our rebuttal to you:

      We’re rubber, you’re glue. Anything you say, bounces off us and sticks to you!


    • nathkatun7

      Wow! I used to think that only professionals like Karl Rove and Rince Preibus were good at projecting. It seems that this is a syndrome that inflicts all right wingers. See what you did is project on to the President all that your side has done to him ever since he took the oath of office. By the way do you ever pause to ask yourself the cause of the “crapy economy”? Do you know of any other president who faced an opposition party who sole goal was to ensure that he fails even if that meant the destruction of the country?

    • willpen

      This person can not be reasoned with. He happened upon this little community and saw his chance to stand up for his party and to be the one who would give us poor slobs our reckoning. His poorly composed diatribe of tripe is his failed attempt at trying to sound smart in a world gone crazy.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Desperate troll is getting even more desperate.

  • Awesome segment! Thanks for posting

  • rob black

    More please is right. The sad part is how this, and Soledad’s recent slap down of hackery, are the only examples I can think of in the past few months of reporters actually confronting these monsters with the truth. Rancid, Sununnu and the rest of the cult-of-lies, make a living on the Sunday morning gas bag circuit fielding softballs and telling whopper after whopper with little to no push back. Worse, they are allowed to recite the same memorized rote bullshit talking points over and over (this president has exploded the deficit (lie), Obama care will bankrupt the nation (lie), his policies are socialist (lie), killed welfare work requirement (lie) from week to week, so you would think someone…anyone interviewing them would be ready to refute them, but it is a bolt from the blue when one actually does.
    They have moved the goal post for truth and accuracy so far down the field, that is is shocking when anyone calls them out..ever!
    If telling the truth were a prerequisite for sitting down in front of the national media and answering questions any more, my teevee would have fewer republicans than the republican party has black voters.

  • mrbrink

    Hell yeah!

    Way to go, Chris.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Is it me, or do Reince Priebus and other Republican enablers come off like teenagers trying to explain away their bad behavior after they’ve been called to the principal’s office?

    “I was just trying to do my work and ask Mrs. Teacher a question. She yelled at me for no reason.”

    “No, Billy, you called Mrs. Teacher a whore and you threatened her.”

    “Yeah, well, Susie’s always chewing gum in class, and she never gets in trouble.”

    This is how children behave when confronted by adults about their bad behavior: downplay its importance, reframe it as something benign or admirable, deflect, change the subject, and pretend to be the victim of arbitrary persecution. To say nothing of outright lying, and doing all this without a hint of shame or remorse, knowing your parents will enable you and believe everything you say. Watching this reminded me of so many conversations I had and observed with students, particularly when I did mediation.

    Matthews’ weakness here is that he knows better; he knows Priebus is lying and just reciting the lines from the GOP’s ongoing improv act. He let his frustration get the better of him. As unbecoming as it is, I sometimes with more journalists would respond to this mendacity with something more along the lines of, “WTF are you talking about??!?!!?!”

  • roxsteady

    Chris was awesome and I was also very annoyed at Mika, or as Stephanie Miller and her crew refer to her “Shut Up Mika”. Her discomfort with what Chris way saying since her idiot co-host would not is one of the reasons I can’t watch them. As for Brokaw, since he’s retired I see more of him than ever and his bullshit “both sides” injection was pathetic because he, like Joe and every other Republican never backs up this ascertion with any actual examples. Chris took it to that asshole Priebus and I for one was thrilled. This is how it’s done kids. It’s the reason I love Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom.

  • Username1016

    Oh, that did my heart a world of good! Thanks for posting it.

  • i_a_c

    Yowza. Even non-smokers would need a cigarette after that exchange. It’s not surprising that Brokaw and Mika were clutching their pearls, with Brokaw even instilling some “both sides” not-wisdom.

    It is notable that Priebus did not even try to defend the welfare lies. Outside of the RNC talking point bubble, that would not even stand up to the slightest bit of scrutiny.

  • Reince Priebus is an embarrassment. Refuses to consider the truth of Chris’ arguments, tries to laugh off, deny and minimize. He’s the perfect face of the Republican Party! Of course the story here will be how Chris lost his shpladoinkle.