John McCain

Go, General Clark!

General Clark is on MSNBC standing his ground.

"This is about requirements to be president."

Right on.

Goddamn, the Republicans and the McBushies are being cry-babies about this thing. General Clark didn't question Senator McCain's service, heroism or the veracity of the senator's record (like the Swift Boaters did to Senator Kerry -- one of those Swift Boaters is now part of the McCain campaign). He honored Senator McCain's service.

But you know, there are hundreds of thousands of military veterans and quite a few POWs -- not all of them are automatically presidential material. It has nothing to do with their service or their sacrifice -- it's just that the presidency requires certain other qualities beyond military experience. I thought that was obvious, but I suppose the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander is totally off base about the military.

UPDATE: General Clark... "I'm not backing away from anything I said." Good. This is a silly, made-up corporate media controversy.