JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Chris Britt)

In other news, records from the CDC show that there have been more than 200,000 excess deaths this year compared to last, suggesting the COVID-19 death toll is actually about 204,000 -- not the current number of 166,000.

Meanwhile, the Trump regime is taking on the scourge of -- checks notes -- efficient shower heads.

Finally, Trump is privately blaming one of his loyal acolytes, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, for the fact that he can't hold rallies.

Trump has been fuming to aides about the coronavirus surge, lately blaming Florida governor Ron DeSantis for the exploding numbers. “He thinks Ron has made it a lot worse,” said a Republican who spoke to Trump about the Sunshine State. According to a campaign adviser, Trump is pushing the campaign to figure out a way for him to hold rallies. The current thinking is to plan them outdoors. On Monday, Trump floated that he might hold his convention acceptance speech at Gettysburg. “Rallies are his jam,” the adviser said. “Trump won’t be happy until he is doing multiple rallies a day.”

DeSantis only did what Trump wanted him to do, of course.

Everyone is eventually humiliated.

  • katanahamon

    The real number of deaths from Covid are likely double. Many states are purposefully concealing their statistics or simply banning the collection of them at all. If there was any real hope for democracy, the R’s would have convinced Rump to not run again, but, this shows that half the country is totally fine with a pan incompetent, criminal, liar, moron jackass as president, and furthermore running him again as their candidate. This is why we must win this election and then prosecute the misdeeds of the Rump administration. Nothing less will document the corruption, the lies, and the damage to our government and democracy…

  • Draxiar

    He’s blaming DeSantis. I *love* it when Republicans eat their own.

  • muselet

    • 200,000 excess deaths is a horrifying number. Donald Trump is not to blame for the existence of Sars-CoV-2, and he is not to blame for all of the excess mortality this year, but he is absolutely to blame for the US’s desultory response to a deadly pandemic. History will not judge Trump kindly.


    • Blaming Ron DeSantis for Florida’s shocking rise in Covid-19 cases is slightly less bonkers than blaming DeSantis for hurricanes and rowdy spring-breakers, but not by much. It’s Donald Trump, logic is optional. (Who else is hoping for a good, drenching rainstorm at whatever outdoors venue he gives his acceptance speech?)


    • katanahamon

      It’s arguable that Rump definitely is responsible for the excess deaths by his lack of response causing needless, preventable deaths. Unless I’m not understanding the statistic you are referring to, in which case, pardons.

      • muselet

        I knew as soon as I clicked “Post” I knew that was an ambiguous statement.

        The last estimate I saw was something like 40% of excess mortality is due to the bungled national response to Covid-19. There would have been a large death toll in the US no matter what, especially given the prevalence of anti-maskers, but Donald Trump’s incompetence definitely made it worse. As I said, history will not judge him kindly.

        Sorry for the confusion.