Gold Medalist

(Cartoonist - John Branch)

In other news, the Secret Service apparently had to protect NBC reporter Katy Tur earlier this year after Trump singled her out at a rally.

Meanwhile, one of the oldest memes on the internet "Scumbag Steve" is speaking out against Trump, so there's that.

Finally, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this afternoon that North Carolina's gerrymandered congressional districts are racially discriminatory. The bad news is those unconstitutional districts will remain in place for the current election cycle.

Programming note... I have several errands to run and I may be late or offline tomorrow. In any event, have a good weekend.

  • Ken Kohl

    When a candidate has lost Scumbag Steve….

  • ninjaf

    So, in NC, our state districts have been ruled unconstitutional; our Federal districts have been ruled unconstitutional; and our voter ID laws have been ruled unconstitutional. So, all of our elections since 2012 have essentially been unconstitutional but yet we are still stuck with the laws these douche nozzles have enacted. Yeah, seems legit. Can’t understand why anyone might feel disenfranchised.

  • Username1016

    “Third. Rate. Reporter. Remember that.” I wish she’d responded “Yeah? Fourth rate candidate, so I win!” Though I suppose his supporters might have murdered her.

    • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

      Why stoop to their level?

      Be the bigger person.

      • Well, from a certain perspective..that kind of calling out is all Drumpf’s followers understand. And since Hillary and her surrogates can’t stoop to that level it would be kind of satisfying to see someone, anyone call him out. So even though I know it would be juvenile and “stooping” too low a part of me still really wants someone to ream him a new one.

        • Badgerite

          Especially when this Waling Orange Pond Scum of a Brainless, Spineless Fraudulent Monster calls someone else “crooked”. It’s like, I’m sorry, have you looked in the mirror lately, Waling Orange Picture of Dorian Gray?
          (There is a picture of him with his hand in front of his face and the color contrast is noting short of startling.) Friggin phony.

  • Aynwrong

    Trump’s attacks on the news reporters who are covering him are disgusting and terrifying. It’s the clearest sign that what we are seeing in him is a full blown fascist.

    I was going to say that when the Secret Service protected Katy Kur they were also protecting Trump as well but the truth is there would be no backlash to protect him from. His supporters will never abandon him and GOP leadership has made it crystal clear that there is no bottom of the barrel.

    The GOP has completely sold America out.

    • Badgerite

      That last line especially. Paul Krugman has a piece in the Times that pretty much sums up why the GOP elites are sticking by trump. And it is the tax rate on the richest Americans. Under Obama, the Bush Tax Cuts were allowed to expire and the GOP wants to make those permanent and to do away with the estate tax which under current law only acts on estates of over $10.9 million for a married couple. “Limited Government” my ass. They have no core principles. Unless emptying public coffers to enrich a small percentage of people by impoverishing everyone else is a principle?
      What they are is the Party of Meanness and White Nationalism and trump is their perfect candidate.
      As Krugman says, this has always been who they have pandered too. And now those pandered to want the starring role. It isn’t “politically correct” to insist on certain standards of civility and thoughtfulness in public discourse. What we actually call that……is civilization.