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GOP Factions Declare War on Each Other

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

If the Republican party was fractured by their failure to pass Trumpcare, it may be broken now.

Trump unexpectedly declared war on the Freedom Caucus this morning, lumping them in with Democrats who need to be defeated.

To their credit, members of the Freedom Caucus actually have the guts to push back.

The Freedom Caucus has over 40 members and Speaker Ryan can only afford to lose 21 of them if he wants to pass bills.

Now, Trump has floated the laughable idea of working with Democrats and Democratic votes would allow Ryan and Trump to ignore the Freedom Caucus, but Speaker Ryan says he's not interested in working with Democrats on healthcare or anything else.

"I don't want that to happen," Ryan said, referring to Trump's offer to work with Democrats.

Carrying out those reforms with Democrats is "hardly a conservative thing," Ryan said, according to interview excerpts released on Wednesday. "I don’t want government running health care. The government shouldn’t tell you what you must do with your life, with your healthcare," he said.

There's more.

The Tuesday Group, a group of 50 moderate Republicans, has decided they're not interesting in working with the Freedom Caucus.

Trump doesn't want to work with the Freedom Caucus. The Tuesday Group doesn't want to work with the Freedom Caucus. Ryan doesn't want to work with Democrats.

Do the math and you quickly realize the GOP doesn't have a governing coalition. That is not to say they won't be able to pass small measures from time to time, such as the bill to allow ISP to sell your browsing history, but their ability to pass big ticket items like healthcare or tax reform may be severely limited.

It's going to be deliciously awkward when Ryan is forced to ask Nancy Pelosi for help to avoid a government shutdown.

  • Draxiar

    I might be wrong in saying so but this, I imagine, is what having more than two (viable) political parties looks like.

    Oh, and if trump thinks Democrats are going to do anything to help him out of his own mess he’s fucking crackers.

    • Kitty Smith

      In the US congressional system? Certainly.

  • And now for your entertainment, The Keystone Gops!

    • Aynwrong


      I see what you did there.


  • Aynwrong

    They control all the levers of power and their response is to chop each other off at the knees because of hypocrisy or ideological lunacy and the truth is it’s one the few bits of comfort these days. America may yet well be saved by the fact that the GOP seems to be almost exclusively populated with inept, venal clowns who couldn’t find their asses if they used both hands.

  • muselet

    … [T]he GOP doesn’t have a governing coalition. True.

    However, they will come together to stop the exercise of governance altogether—either deliberately (they’re all really good at screaming “NO!”) or as an unintended consequence of mindless intransigence (as, for instance, the House Freedumb Caucus torpedoing RepubliCare because it didn’t hurt enough people)—if, that is, it doesn’t involve screwing over the public or buying more stuff that goes boom.

    Is anyone else reminded of the Russian Civil War, a bloody, chaotic, eight- (nine-? ten-?) faction free-for-all that could have caused the whole country to collapse?

    Charlie Pierce said this morning, in a slightly different context:

    … [O]ne thing that makes me feel good about the building resistance to Gorsuch is that the Democrats in Congress seem at last to be bridling at the notion that “bipartisanship” is primarily the responsibility of their party, that they don’t necessarily have to be the grown-ups in a room where childish vandals roam free, and that, sooner or later, the Republicans have to take responsibility in real time for the damage they do.

    Perhaps it’s time to let voters see what modern GOP governance really looks like, even if that means a couple of years of a bloody, chaotic eight- (nine-? ten-?) faction free-for-all among Rs.


  • They really find amazing new lows of utter, abject fuckedness. How old are these guys? They all sound like children.

    • ninjaf

      But I do appreciate their incompetence because it means their crazy ideas won’t get implemented.