GOP Leaders Consider Six Week Government Funding Bill

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

It was expected that Congress will pass yet another continuing resolution to keep the government running beyond next week, but now we know how long it will be until we have this same conversation again.

Bloomberg reports that congressional Republican staffers are putting together a bill that will fund the federal government until March 23rd.

House and Senate staff are working on a stopgap funding bill that would keep the government operating through March 23, though Republican leaders haven’t yet made a final decision on the plan, according to two Republican congressional aides. [...]

“That could be a moving date, but I’ve heard it could be the 23rd," Representative Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania said Thursday at a GOP retreat in West Virginia.

The Congressional Budget Office recently informed Congress that the debt ceiling will be reached in early March rather than April which means the continuing resolution they pass next week will almost certainly have to be accompanied by a measure for raising the ceiling.

Congressional Republican leaders at the GOP's policy retreat have reportedly said they want to attach the debt ceiling to a basic funding bill and I think we know why.

Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows said this week that he wants to attach spending cuts and other "reforms" to the debt ceiling. But the Freedom Caucus has never voted to raise the debt ceiling. The Speaker, whether it was John Boehner or Paul Ryan, has relied on Democratic votes to raise the debt ceiling and pass basic government funding bills.

As I said several weeks ago, one of the reasons a prolonged government shutdown would never convince the GOP to renew the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is because a large number of Republicans would be happy if the government never reopened. The Freedom Caucus, which counts over 40 members, doesn't want to fund the government.

Analogizing Republicans to hostage takers is usually appropriate, but some of them are more like political suicide bombers.

  • muselet

    Those growing pains the Rs supposedly are suffering in the transition from an opposition party to a governing party sure are a bear, aren’t they?

    Analogizing Republicans to hostage takers is usually appropriate, but some of them are more like political suicide bombers.

    A repurposed accordion-player joke (yes, they do exist):

    What’s the difference between a Republican and a terrorist?
    Terrorists have sympathizers.



  • Draxiar

    And less than a week for McConnell to keep his promise to take up immigration reform legislation…tick tock mofo tick tock…

    • Badgerite

      Because the GOP that has been around since 1854 is still getting use to this ‘governing’ thing.
      They give the bomb throwing ‘batshit’ caucus this power. They are a fringe minority in this country and the GOP basically gives them hostage taking power over the whole country because the GOP is really seeking one party rule to replace representative government. So we get to chose which fundamentalist Ayatollah we want to vote for.

  • Aynwrong

    The world is watching. Our allies, competitors and enemies see and understand that American governance is being reduced to fits and starts. How will they (maybe even our allies) decide to exploit this?

    I can only hope that people around the world realize that it’s only one political party in this country that has turned our government into an episode of Romper Room.

    • Tony Lavely

      Seriously, why would they think that? I don’t see the necessary evidence that anyone is stepping up to bring adults back into the discussions.

      • Aynwrong

        I just hope that they understand that all Americans did not want this.

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