Abortion Outreach War On Women

GOP State Senator Compares Women’s Health Clinics to Pedophiles

In their quest to place as many nonsensical restrictions on clinics that provide abortion as possible, Republicans in Alabama have moved beyond unnecessary licensing requirements to challenging the physical location of clinics.

State Senator Paul Sanford (R) has introduced a bill that would prohibit clinics from operating in close proximity to schools.

If that sounds a little too familiar to restrictions placed on sex offenders, that's exactly what he has in mind.

Said Sanford: “We can put a restriction on whether a liquor store opens up across the street and make sure pedophiles stay away from schools, I just think having an abortion clinic that close to elementary-age school children that actually have to walk on the sidewalk past it is not the best thing.”


Ironically, the clinic at the center of the debate in Alabama was moved closer to a school because a previous anti-abortion law passed by the state legislature forced the clinic to move there.

They are legislating abortion out of existence without outright banning it and lying through their teeth along the way. State Senator Sanford claims reducing the number of clinics in the state is not his goal, but that is what his legislation will accomplish.

Republicans love Red Tape and regulation as long as it's directed at women.

(h/t: Reality Check)

  • Aynwrong

    If Paul Sanford (R) truly wants to protect the little kiddy poos from pedophilia, he would find far greater practical success by outlawing the Catholic Church.

    Side note: (R) denotes Rabid.

  • muselet

    Does Paul Sanford believe the clinic is going to station people on the sidewalk to drag elementary school students inside? Or that women’s health clinics emit waves of evil feminist energy that will cause little girls to want to have abortions? Or could it be that Sanford is simply terrified of ladybits and the ladies who have them?

    In reality, the biggest safety concern for the kids is that the sidewalk is likely to be clogged with fetus fetishists, and they might get trampled when the forced-birthers stampede toward a patient, shrieking abuse and waving their favorite gory photos.

    GOP State Senator Compares Women’s Health Clinics to Pedophiles

    I won’t say what I compare Paul Sanford to.


    • Georgie

      Or the fetus pushers start shooting people.

    • Victor the Crab

      I would. I’d compare Paul Sanford to a wet bag of pig diarrhea.

      • muselet

        Unfavorably, I assume.


        • Victor the Crab

          You are correct, sir! 😀