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GOP’s Worst Nightmare


I want you to take a good look at that face, Republicans. This is the face that you have been harassing and obstructing for over five years. The face that has taken on terrorists and dictators and pirates– global crisis and domestic tragedies– with our dignity and integrity fully intact. Now, he’s looking at you!

Don’t let the smiles fool you. This guy means what he saysI’d look away, too. Be very afraid, Republicans. I know you’re having a difficult time trying to negotiate with yourselves, which would indicate that you must first figure out how to walk before you can soar with the eagles. And, being a party to domestic terrorism in trying to crash the global economy just to prevent poor people from getting healthcare and food has its perks, after all. But this time it’s different. Before you start pressing the little red buttons on your suicide vests, stop and think about this. I know you’ve tried everything you could to steal elections, criminalize abortion, and funnel rights and public property for pennies-on-the-dollar to the “job creators.” It’s just too bad for you and the rest of the country that you’ve had your priorities and principles in order to this point, but let me tell you, as recent events have demonstrated, I think this president is through negotiating with terrorists.

I know you’re going through a tough time in your political lives, GOP. It’s a fork in the road that you’re going to have to navigate on your own, but this is not the time to get cute. You’ve lost the fight to repeal The Affordable Care Act, at least 42 times, including a national election. You’ve already given up on the Immigration reform debate, which won’t help you win the “rebranding” campaign anytime soon. You’ve lost your ability to control your drunken kin who are still making obscene and threatening gestures to the rest of the country. What are you gonna do? Disown them? Unlikely. But, after the president stared down Vladimir Putin recently, a far more formidable foe than a hundred of you, and prevailed in a negotiation of war and peace without having to look too deeply into the man’s soul to find his weakness, it seems that Iran is coming around, now, too, and it’s beginning to look like all you have left is beating your wives and kicking your dogs out of frustration.

Sure, you’re getting desperate. Desperate people resort to desperate measures. I know you think that House Speaker John Boehner saying, “it’s time for the president’s party to show the courage to work with us to solve the problem” is your idea of personal responsibility, but it’s not the president’s courage you should be worried about. And, since this strategy only seems to work out for John Boehner and the slow demise of the American middle class, our credit rating, international prestige and leverage in the world– I think it’s time to rethink your incoherent strategy of mutually-assured self-destruction.

Because this is the face of a new American president.

  • imapayne

    Man, spot on,. Too bad the people who need to read this never will,

  • cherie

    We love our Persident more if he just flash all those m.f. down to tolit go Obama!!

  • DetroitSam

    Funniest comment of the day: “House Speaker John Boehner saying, “it’s time for the president’s party to show the courage to work with us to solve the problem”.

  • drspittle

    A most righteous rant, indeed! Thank you yet again, Mr.Brink!

  • Draxiar

    Reagan who?

  • Betsy

    Awesome post!!!!

  • muselet

    Well said. But …

    Domestically, Barack Obama has to negotiate not only with Rs who would really, really rather spit in his face than acknowledge his presidency but also with a Washington press corps deeply—possibly fatally—infected with Broderism. Oh, and as Victor_the_Crab points out, a chunk of the Left, as well.

    I’ve said several times before and I’ll say again here, my dream is that John Boehner will decide to pull the plug on the nonsense: quietly make deals with the Ds on all the important things (debt ceiling, sequester, immigration, &c), bring them up for quick votes in succession, then hand his gavel to Eric Cantor and say, “Congratulations. You’re now Speaker of the House. Have fun.” This is probably Boehner’s last term in office, according to the rumor mill, so it’s not like the GOP can punish him for not letting the feral children set the agenda; and he could spend the next year sitting back and watching the mayhem. Not being in the leadership would also mean more Merlot time. What’s the downside?

    Alas, Boehner won’t do it, so he’ll end up being known as the least effective Speaker in history and the country will continue on its way down the tubes until the flying monkey caucus is no more.


    • missliberties

      I think Boehner is going to stifle the ‘insane caucus’, hopefully embarrass them, If that is possible, and not use the Hastart rule.

      The R’s are seriously seriously pissed about the Farm Bill not passing. Plus holding the debt ceiling hostage is goes insane x infinity.

      • Schneibster

        The Farm Bill didn’t pass? Wow. Wowwow.

        Do you know the background? I haven’t been following Congress lately, too much going on internationally.

      • muselet

        I hope you’re right about Boehner, but I just can’t see him doing it.

        I’ll cheer the man if he does, though.


        • drspittle

          Anecdote about Boehner (for what it’s worth). In 2008, my well entrenched Rethug congresscritter from Cincinnati’s first district was beaten by a Democrat, who had also been my state rep and had been in the forefront in dealing with foreclosures in Ohio before the bottom dropped out (but I digress). He’s very bright, hard working, and appears to care about his constituents. Anyway, at one of his fund raisers, I asked him how he could stand dealing with Boehner. He said he liked him and could work with him, and that there was more cooperation between the parties than the media wanted to report. Alas, he was defeated in 2010 in part because he was a pro life Democrat (staunch Catholic) who supported ACA after some provisions regarding abortion were included in the bill. My point being, we all may be pleasantly surprised by Mr. Boehner.

          • muselet

            He’s given no indication so far that he’s willing or able to stand up to the flying monkey caucus. If he does, as I’ve say, I’ll cheer the man.


          • drspittle

            Correct. And these observations were before the 2010 election so I’m sure the zeitgeist has changed.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      How sad and pathetic is it that Obama’s opponents at home have proven to be more difficult, stubborn and fanatical than the terrorists and strongmen overseas?

      • Lemme fix that for you:

        How sad and pathetic is it that Obama’s opponents the terrorists and strongmen at home have proven to be more difficult, stubborn and fanatical than the terrorists and strongmen overseas?

    • Schneibster

      The goal really, at this point, is to oust them, or at least break them, next November, then finally do everything right in the last two years of Obama.

      We are making some headway but we need to advertise more and better. We are, after all, up against the Republiflacks. We need to label them as traitors and economic saboteurs, as well as cowards and liars. The proof is all there; all we have to do is keep repeating it, and keep linking it. This is already known. We just have to make sure everyone finds out.

      Wait until the mortgage laws start to kick in from Dodd-Frank. They’re already advertising for clients to sue the mortgage holders with. Then come the insurance exchanges.

      The Republicans couldn’t stop this stuff, but they delayed it. Now they’re up against their own deadlines, because now everyone’s going to start finding out they lied.

      For example, checked the deficit lately? 😀

  • Schneibster

    I wrote this list over on Foreign Policy for Rothkopf, the editor, because he keeps pretending there’s something wrong with Obama’s foreign policy. It’s also appropriate here, I think, though as a paean, not a reprimand:

    1. Snookered Pakistan. They’re putting Musharraf on trial. Their
    newspapers are full of their negotiations on Afghanistan, as they
    desperately try to fix their fuckup.

    2. Got us out of Iraq.

    3. Getting us out of Afghanistan (see Pakistan, above).

    4. Got rid of Qaddafi without putting boots on the ground.

    5. Got bin Laden (see again Pakistan, above).

    6. Got the Ethiopian pirates without putting boots on the ground.

    7. Convinced Iran to elect a nuclear negotiator President. (The
    results of this are still unknown but look likely to yield a permanent
    cessation of Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions. There are already articles suggesting it and Iran has asked to engage in the chemical weapons negotiations with Syria, and to renew nuclear negotiations as well.)

    8. Convinced Assad to sue to be allowed to get rid of his chemical weapons without a shot fired, or a dollar spent, or a drop of blood shed.

    9. Faced Putin down again. That’s twice and this one really hurts; Putin very definitely was forced to blink.

    I think Obama’s probably the best foreign policy President in a generation, maybe two.

    I think he’d be that good in domestic policy too, except the racist haters in the US Congress can’t stand to see a black man succeed, so they’re sabotaging everyone in their temper tantrum about a black President being elected twice. I think Republicans should be suspended from participating in government for a decade for this shit. I’d like to see a restraining order from a court after they get sued for treason and economic sabotage.

  • I love Oba-a-ma
    oh, yes I do
    if you weren’t stu-u-pid
    you’d love him too

    • stacib23

      Totally off topic – my brother HATED that movie and song. LOL Me, I sang about Birdie for weeks.

  • missliberties

    The man has also upset the well schmoozed established political order in DC, including many Democrats.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    And the emoprog firebaggers also need to take heed of Mr. Brink’s brilliant advice.

  • Schneibster

    Good one, Brinkster. Recommended.

  • Well fucking said, Brink!!!