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Gov. LePage: Public Financing is Like “Giving Your Wife Your Checkbook”

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Maine Governor Paul LePage (R) is not in favor of Question 1, an initiative that would increase the amount of public financing available to candidates who are being outspent by their opponents.

Governor LePage, however, opposes Question 1 in a very LePage-esque manner.

LePage: "That's like giving my wife my checkbook. I'm telling you, it's giving your wife your checkbook. Go spend."

Ha! Get it? It's like giving your wife your checkbook because, you know, women just have no idea how to manage their money.



Paul LePage couldn't manage a fucking lemonade stand. He almost threw the state into chaos several months ago when the state's budget got caught up in his attempt to retroactively veto a collection of over 60 bills.

The bills eventually became law after LePage lost in court and the state's budget is secure in spite of him.

  • muselet

    Electing someone like Paul LePage to any position of authority is like giving a cranky five-year-old a double shot of bourbon: no good thing will come of it.

    Thank you, Maine, for making California politics look sane and rational by comparison.


  • Nefercat

    Boy, if there is a Mrs. Lepage? That would be one lucky little woman, amirite?