Government Funding Bill Won’t Block Funds for Global Climate Deal

Here's another reason staunch conservatives will be very angry if the omnibus government funding bill passes.

While the bill won't defund Planned Parenthood or repeal Obamacare, it also won't block the president from contributing to the international climate fund even though Republicans vowed to do so.

The bill, greens and Democrats say, doesn’t explicitly appropriate funding for President Obama’s pledged contribution to the Green Climate Fund (GCF). But since the legislation doesn’t formally block money for the GCF either, Obama is expected to be able to use current discretionary funding streams to send American money to it.

The GFC is a pot of public and private money designed to help poorer nations prepare for climate change. Obama pledged last year to spend $3 billion on the fund by 2020, and he asked Congress to appropriate up to $500 million for it in 2016.

Because Congress has not officially appropriated the funds there is a possibility the next president could decide America should not participate, but I'm fairly confident Hillary Clinton will be out next president and I don't see her making that decision.

Of course we shouldn't get ahead ourselves just yet. The omnibus spending bill has to actually pass before anyone can celebrate and I wouldn't call its passage a certainty.

  • Badgerite

    This is why the left just can’t play these stupid political games they are so into with this next election. The stakes for the future are just too high to bank it all on some future epiphany of the electorate. Both the future of the environment on planet earth and the future of law ( see Scotus retirement probabilities) are on the line this election.

  • muselet

    Never fear, Righties will work tirelessly to add riders prohibiting Barack Obama from spending money on, well, just about anything. They want desperately to make him a lame duck, even if they have to lame him themselves.

    If they keep this nonsense up, they’ll guarantee Obama will only be a two-term President (and will dislocate their shoulders patting themselves on the back for that accomplishment).