Government Spending Is Okay If You’re A Republican

If you weren't already aware, a creationist-themed amusement park, which depicts Noah's ark, man and dinosaur roaming together, and talking snakes is currently being built in northern Kentucky. The now infamous amusement park made headlines earlier this year when it was announced that the state of Kentucky would be granting a $43 million dollar tax break to the park.

Now Six Flags Over Jesus is making headlines again after the state of Kentucky chose to grant the park a 75 percent property tax break over 30 years.

ThinkProgress has the details:

Mayor Rick Skinner said the offer is laid out in a memorandum of agreement that will be followed by a formal tax-increment financing deal with Petersburg-based Ark Encounters LLC in coming months.

The tax deal is in addition to almost $200,000 given to the company by Grant County’s economic development arm as an enticement to keep the project located there, along with 100 acres of reduced-price land.

And that’s not counting the state’s promise of $40 million worth of sales tax rebates and a possible $11 million in improvements to the interstate near the project that would be financed by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Big government spending! Socialism! Pork!

Kentucky officials are convinced the park will pay for itself, which seems about as likely as Iraqi oil paying for the war.

Meanwhile, all state employees have come under a pay-freeze and the state recently chose to privatize its Medicaid program.

Because I live in Kentucky and can speak with authority, I'll go ahead and add insult to injury - the state of Kentucky is also in the top 5 least educated, unhealthiest, and poorest states in the country, but apparently there is money in the bank to dish out to Jesus-Freak National Park.