Government-Run Healthcare

Rep. Ann Buerkle (R-NY) is participating in socialism.

Buerkle, who voted to repeal the health care reform act, was twice asked about the health insurance she receives as a government employee. At first she said she couldn't understand why people were so interested in her health insurance, and that taxpayers didn't pay anything for it. She later corrected herself after being handed a note from a staffer. Like most employees, she pays for a portion of her insurance and her employer, the government, pays the rest, she said.

Whoops! Doy. Oh heavens to Betsy. *Blush!*

When do you suppose Republican tea party people will realize that they're all participants in the very things they claim to loath the most?

Adding... Government takeover! Commies! And, I don't know, caliphate. That, too.